My Demo Experience

All of us at The Bike Lane understand the importance of the “demo mountain bike.”  In fact, I tell people all the time that you can’t get a true sense for a mountain bike until you ride it off-road.  I was about to get a huge dose of my own advise…………As I stood in line to demo this bike at TrekWorld this summer my thought was to ride this bike first, confirm it was a silly bike to make, and then get on with the more serious bikes.  Funny thing about a demo day though, is once and a while it can really be an eye opening experience.   As I rode the bike out of Trek’s parking lot and toward the trails that IMBA had built as a testing ground across the street, I began to realize this bike might actually be for real.  Currently I ride a Fuel EX 9.5, I love this bike. It’s one of those bikes that you immediately feel comfortable on, that you can immediately ride fast.  The bike has 5″ of travel, but only weights 24lbs.  It’s great on the climbs and great on the downhills.  The 69er is all this, and more.  Everything I love about the 9.5 is present in the 69er as well as all the things I love about riding a 29er.  It accelerates like a 26″ bike, but you have this big wheel up front that just devours terrain and provides tons of traction.  I think I’ve found my new race bike for 2008!!  Anybody interested in a slightly used Fuel EX?????  I’ll even let you take it on a demo.

Santa Elves have been busy at the shop!

Being in the shop, this last week, has given me some insight to what some of our customers are going to find under the tree on Christmas morning!  I won’t give anything away but I expect there will be a lot of happy cyclists on Tuesday.  Santa and his elves are being extra generous this year!  Of course there will the usual little pink bikes with baskets and streamers, colorful helmets, and camel baks under the tree.  There are some great stocking stuffers too; like Resource Revivals recycled chain picture frames, warm winter cycling gloves, and numerous fancy bike tools and pumps.   But a few lucky ones will be getting gifts that won’t fit in a stocking. Santa’s elves have been busy picking out some of the latest and greatest in 2008 bikes for some very good boys and girls!  Here is a little hint:  MADONEs.….Top Fuel 69ers…..Equinox TTX 9.5Hifi GSs!  I wonder how Santa will get these down the chimney?

Toys for Tots Bike Drive HUGE Success!


We wrapped up our second annual Toys for Tots Bike Drive this weekend!  The Bike Lane partnered with Holly Jackson, MORE, Girls on the Run, EX2 Adventures, Quantico Mountain Bike Team, FBI Race Team, and Positively Chiropractic, to raise enough money to purchase 37 bikes and helmets worth over $8000! 

The Marines came out and picked up the bikes on Saturday. They were very impressed that we had so many bikes to donate!   We had Santa there with hot chocolate and cookies for all of our customers. 

Bling Bling!

Sidi Egro 2 Bling

While the bells are ringing this holiday season the sound of Bling Bling can be heard at The Bike Lane!  Check these Italian soles out.  These are the limited edition Ergo 2 Sidi road shoes.  We are trying to hold Todd back from stealing these off the shelf.  They definitely look good under the tree and we hear that Santa may be rocking a pair of these while he pedals his sleigh around this Christmas.

The First Post

This is the first post on The Bike Lane blog!  Pretty exciting.  I hope to use this blog to write about anything Bike Lane related.  This could be anything about bikes, riding, gear, advocacy, trails, commuting, but most of all the joy of riding a bike! I am really looking forward to sharing my Bike Lane experiences!