It’s Finally Here!

It took us almost eleven years but it is finally here: The Bike Lane Ten Years and Climbing Anniversary Jersey!  We can’t believe that TBL is ten years old (actually it will be eleven next month)!  We have all of our customers to thank for helping us get this far.  It has been an amazing ride and we can’t wait to see what happens over the next 10 years.  As for the jersey, we felt we needed to keep it simple, easy and uncomplicated-just like a bike.  But we also wanted to represent our colors, our logo, and our style.   We think we did it pretty well and we hope you like it.  Come get yours today while they last.  They are available at both locations. 

Kristopher Leaving the TBL Family

Okay, not really leaving because he will always be a part of our family.  But in case you have not heard, Kristopher our Springfield Store Manager,  his lovely wife, and awesome dog are heading off to seek adventure.  They have sold everything and decided to hike, bike, camp, and just have lots of fun exploring this beautiful country of ours.  Their first stop is “somewhere out West”.  We know you are jealous, so are we!  But we also know  that if there is anyone who will enjoy every moment and bask in the glory of such a journey, it is Kristopher.  Over the last four years, Kristopher has brought an amazing amount of “happy-go-lucky” energy to The Bike Lane.  His enthusiasm for enjoying life is infectious.  We will miss Kristopher dearly but we can’t wait to hear about his new adventure.