Friday Hookie Rides

My Bike on a Friday Hookie Ride at Gambril

So, for the last year or so, I have been organizing Friday Hookie Rides.  These are mountain bike rides that vary from trail to trail and typically are at least 2-3 hour rides.  I started these rides as a way to keep up my riding throughout the winter.  Typically, my weekends are too busy for long rides so my only option is to try to squeeze them in during the week, as long as the boss doesn’t mind….
Each week I try to pick a different location.  In the winter, I find that I have to schedule rides in places that are more rocky such as Gambril or Kennedy Peak, as the winter weather can leave the local trails pretty wet and sloppy.   These rides have been great!  There are always a great group of people that show up who either have the day off, have gotten a babysitter, or have called in sick!
The Bike Lane always list these rides on the Bike Lane’s Ride and Events Newsletter which if you don’t get, you should.  It lists a bunch of the local club and group mountain and road rides as well as upcoming local races and cycling events. And we list The Bike Lane’s most favorite rides there too.   It is a pretty cool resource as there are not many places to go to get information on different rides in the area.  So if you are interested sign up for our emails and hopefully, we’ll see you the trail.