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Press Release – Speed Concept


Highly Anticipated Speed Concept Line Unveiled at Stage 7 of the Amgen Tour of California

(Waterloo, WI) – Trek Bicycle, the world leader in bicycle technology and innovation, officially launched its highly anticipated Speed Concept line of Triathlon and Time Trial specific bicycles on Saturday against the backdrop of the Amgen Tour of California’s Stage 7 Time Trial in Los Angeles. With its unprecedented aerodynamic profile, a host of new integrated technologies, and the most adjustability of any triathlon bike available, the all new Trek Speed Concept establishes a new benchmark of performance for triathlon and time trial specific bicycles.

“This launch represents the culmination of more than three years of design, engineering, and development,” remarked John Burke, President of Trek Bicycle, to a crowd of more than 300 Trek retailers, international media, and industry VIPs. “The Speed Concept project is the most technologically advanced endeavor Trek has ever undertaken, and I’m proud to say it’s resulted in the most advanced bicycle we have ever made.”

Pivotal to the success of the Speed Concept line were three primary design parameters. “We set out to create the most aerodynamic bike ever designed, hide as much of the bike from the wind as possible, and make sure it fit the broadest range of athletes,” said Trek Road and Tri Product Manager Tyler Pilger.

“Trek thought of everything with this bike,” said two-time Ironman champion Chris Lieto. “Just looking at the bike you can tell it’s fast. Everything is hidden; cables, fuel, flat repair…everything I need to put up the best bike split on the course.”

At the center of the Speed Concept’s superior aerodynamics is Trek’s revolutionary Kammtail tube shape. The Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) is the fastest, most aerodynamic tube shape ever produced for a bicycle.

“Kammtail does three things for the bicycle,” said Doug Cusack, Advanced Concepts Engineer at Trek. “Basically, if you create a longer airfoil and truncate the trailing edge, it tricks the wind into thinking it is still full length, creating a virtual airfoil. The benefit is the virtual air foil effectively bends with crosswinds (yaw), maintaining its aerodynamic properties in all types of wind conditions.”

“The Kammtail design also allows us to create a tube shape that is stiffer and lighter than traditional aero designs, giving the bike more stability and better cornering,” added Cusack. “This is by far the most aerodynamic bike the world has ever seen.”

While the Speed Concept’s KVF tube shape is responsible for the majority of its superior aerodynamic properties, Trek’s engineering team made sure to take all sources of aerodynamic drag into consideration during its design.

“We didn’t want to create a bike that was fast only in the wind tunnel under perfect conditions,” said Pilger. “We wanted a bike that had everything tucked neatly into the frame design that a rider needs to race an Ironman. Hidden brakes, fully-internal cable routing, electronics, storage for fuel and flat repair, and even the skewer profile all create zero additional drag and an unprecedented aerodynamic profile.”

In addition to its unparalleled aerodynamic advantage, the Speed Concept line’s versatility and adjustability help set it apart from the competition. With five unique sizes, six different stems, and more adjustability than the typical road bike, the Speed Concept line blends unmatched aerodynamics with the perfect fit for nearly every athlete.

Trek will offer the Speed Concept in three unique platforms in 2010, for a total of 12 models in all. As the pinnacle of triathlon performance, Speed Concept 9 Series models are manufactured in the USA from Trek’s proprietary OCLV2 Carbon and are completely customizable through Trek’s custom bike program, Project One.

To compliment the high-performance and fully-customizable Speed Concept 9 Series, Trek also introduced the Speed Concept 7 Series platform. Comprised of five models with MSRPs ranging from $2899 to $3799, the Speed Concept 7 Series incorporates the same revolutionary aerodynamic advantages of the 9 Series but is constructed using Trek’s advanced TCT carbon.

“The only bike that measured faster in the wind tunnel than the Speed Concept 7 Series was the Speed Concept 9 Series,” said Pilger. “The 7 Series offers amazing technology and an absolute best-in-class value.”

Built with Kammtail tube shapes out of hydroformed aluminum, the 2 model offerings included in the Speed Concept 2 Series round out Trek’s new Speed Concept line and represent the most technologically advanced entry-level triathlon bikes on the market today.

“We really wanted to create a line of tri-specific bikes with a model that’s perfect for every rider,” said Trek’s Global Road and Triathlon Brand Manager Nick Howe. “The introduction of the 2 Series really cements Trek’s dedication to the sport and our commitment to making best-in-class products available to every cyclist.”

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Have You Signed the Pledge

Every six years, the federal government allocates billions to expand and improve our country’s transportation infrastructure. will use our powerful, united voice to urge U.S. Senators and Congressmen to make new, cost-effective investments in bicycling facilities and programs that will benefit us now and well into the future. To help, please sign the pledge. By uniting we can make our world a better place to ride!

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Ladies Sunday Rides

Sunday Womens Rides!
This past weekend we had our first ladies road ride, and we had a great turnout! We had about 10 ladies show up to ride with us on Sunday morning. We road a little over 20 miles through the back roads of Reston and had  a blast.  TBL is looking forward to having these rides every Sunday starting at 9am. (weather permitting)  We are very excited to get ladies riding together, and are looking forward to our group growing. We hope to see you ladies out there next Sunday!

*Meet in front of Reston TBL @ 9am

*Ride will go for about 1.5 hours

Meet Emily Our Go By Bike For A Year Winner


Remember A few months back when we were accepting applications for the give up your bike for a year challenge? Well it’s time to introduce you to our winner Emily. Emily drives her car about 100 miles every week. Her commute to work is about 14 miles each way and most of her car trips are within 4 miles of less of her home. She is an environmentalist and wants to use her car less often. As with most people who want to commute more by bike, Emily said her biggest challenges are; the time it takes to go by bike, inclement weather, and the inability to carry lots of stuff. Other factors that make it difficult are the lack of safe bike routes to go to wherever she wants to go and lack of easy to use bike facilities at work.
      She has been going by bike for a little over a week now, and she is sharing her whole adventure with us on her blog. Check it out and see how she is doing, she has definetly inspired us!!! Let us know what you think, if you have any commuter tips or advice leave a comment on her blog.

Check out her blog here —->

May is National Bike Month

Horray It’s May and we are celebrating National Bike Month!! There is some cool stuff going on in our area. May 17-21st will be bike to work week, where everyone is encouraged to gets there rears in gear, and go by bike to work.
Friday May 21st is Bike to work day there will be over 30 rest stops in the area, two of which The Bike Lane will be attending. You will also recieve a free tshirt if you sign up for bike to work day in advacne. The Bike Lane will be at The Reston Town Center, and Burke Stops so swing by and see us!!

We want to know what you will do to celebrate National Bike month?
Possibly take a few less trips to the grocery store by car?
Commute to work?
Bike the kids to school?
skip the gym and bike instead?

I know for me my personal plan is to try and commute to work atleast three times a week.
We look forward to hearing all of your biking goals!!