RAAM Update #3

TBL Mechanic Daniel Wilcox is wrenching for Race Across America Team Green Beret Foundation.  He is sending us updates throughout his adventure.

Hello- Update Monday, June 17th
Unfortunately, we don’t have wireless- so updates may be pretty short.  Here is today’s journey with some pictures.
Race going well. Team 1st place.|edonna, Flagstaff now big climbs to Durango. Very hectic and we are all exhausted.
Hi to all
TeamGBF Mechanic
~TBL Mechanic

2013-06-17 06.28.33 2013-06-15 19.23.452013-06-16 19.09.48TeamGBF RAAM

RAMM Update #2

TBL Mechanic Daniel Wilcox is wrenching for Race Across America Team Green Beret Foundation.  He is sending us updates throughout his adventure.

Dispatch from TeamGBF RAAM #2 – Saturday June 15th
Today we start! Rolling out around 12:20 from Oceanside…Spent all day yesterday at staging area re-re-re-packing vehicles, working on all 8 bikes (gotta love SRAM front derailleurs!!) going to big RAAM meeting in evening.
We may not have Internet connection for whole race – trying to get that worked out.
 It is very inspiring, seeing and hearing athletes from all over the world here – including team from Walter Reed Bethesda which has 2 wheelchair athletes! I can’t even begin to conceive of doing that…
Our 4 racers seem very eager and ready to go. They were written up here:
I am headed for serious sleep deprivation for sure…and our RV freezer/fridge will not work even though was supposedly all checked out…huge grocery shopping with no way to keep cool right now. RV is packed to the ceiling…..
Wish us a fast and winning race!!!!
TeamGBF Mechanic
~TBL MechanicTeam GBF RAAM 5 4

Daniels RAAM Adventure Begins!

TBL Mechanic Daniel Wilcox is wrenching for Race Across America Team Green Beret Foundation.  He is sending us updates throughout his adventure.

Dispatch from RAAM #1

Well, it’s finally here – flying out to San Diego this morning to meet up with Race Across America Team Green Beret Foundation – known as TeamGBF. This all started couple months ago – while installing Lowe’s storm door at new customer as part of my FT handyman job at Rick’s Handyman Services of Alexandria, I asked to use restroom and found it full of many cycling mags – so when I asked cust Dave Viens if he was cyclist, he gave me an odd look and just said – let me show you our garage – and hanging out there were about 20 bikes!!! So we got to talking…..Dave told me he was planning to do RAAM with a 4 man team. Last year I had followed Len Forkas on his solo RAAM with great interest – especially since my cycling buddy Steve G. was crewing! Dave asked me along that weekend on a 54 mile training ride, where I met the rest of the racers – Andrew Schaaf, Gino Elsa, and Dave Johnson. On the ride, I sort of jokingly asked if they needed a mechanic for their RAAM race – and after we all talked it over next day they asked me to join them! They are covering my flight but I am taking time off and wrenching pro bono.

Some of you know me from my being mechanic at the The Bike Lane Reston store!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my passion for wrenching bikes would bring me this amazing experience…

Their team prep started last August when Dave V decided to do RAAM with no ultra experience – but had done couple 100+ mile off-road mountain bike races. He started gathering interest and scouting for others…it slowly morphed into current members.

Some of you may know of RAAM – it’s a true legend in the ultra-endurance bike racing world. It’s been going on for 30+ years. There is no prize money in this one – just the chance to race 3,000 miles and climb 170,000 feet!

Then the real prep and training started! Of course, many, many, MANY long rides! They are coached by Sue Hefler, who also coached Len Forkas last year. She helped lay out their plan.

Then there’s the crew, supplies, vehicles, travel,spare parts – it’s a FT job! We have about 13 in the crew, an RV which I will be working out of and helping to drive, a Mercedes Sprinter van, and Dave V’s Subaru which was wrapped by one of our sponsors. We have crew chief, nurse, nutritionist, masseuse, navigators, drivers – and only one mechanic! There are 8 bikes for primary racing – road and TT – and couple spares, along with several sets of spare wheels. The RV was donated and picked up in Phoenix. We packed the Sprinter van here with all bikes (I made a wood rack to hold them) and 2 crew drove out to Oceanside CA already.

Dave Viens is one of TBL’s big customers – since 2002 – probably one of our biggest…has purchased around 9 complete bikes plus huge amount of accessories, parts, and service! Big Trek fan! Andrew also rides Madones…They are all wearing custom Louis Garneau team clothing, primarily riding Conti Gatorskin Hardshell tires, using Light & Motion Urban 550s

Their plan is to WIN the 50+ team competition!!! Drafting is allowed for the teams if they want – but not for solo racers – but the plan as of now is 4 hour 2 man rotations where each guy will ride either 1/2 or 1 hour then switch – day and night (with headlights!). We won’t be sleeping much I don’t think. As you might imagine, this is a daunting plan…how would you feel having to get up at 4am to ride down a mountain pas in the Rockies at 40 + mph where you will drop the chase vehicle cause the road is so narrow the car can’t keep up? Or in Kansas seeing a flat road ahead that seems to stretch forever – and there’s a 25 mph constant headwind? But these guys are very well prepared, very positive and might really win!

We will be using Delorme satellite based tracking units that will never lose signal – you can follow at
Some family members of the Green Berets who have lost loved ones will meet the team along the route. We also put together a 20+ page color booklet with stories from these families we have made copies of.
I will post here hopefully each day, with photos.
Wish us a safe and fast race….

Daniel Wilcox
The Race Across America Team Green Beret Foundation Team:

Andrew SchaafGino Elsea Dave Viens Dave Johnson

The Surly Krampus: A little fat and a lot of fast

Fat Bikes

The Surly Krampus- the perfect Fat Bike.

The Fat Bike phenomenon is growing, and with it some new bikes that have all the pluses of going Fat (cushy ride over rocks, mud, snow, roots, sand and looks cool) with some added speed on singletrack.

The Surly Krampus is big but not fat: Think of it as a 29er+.  Its 29 x 3” Knard tires on 50mm Rabbit Hole rims get you rolling fast off the start line while providing high-volume cushion without waddling in tight turns and switchbacks.

When you’re ready to relax, the Krampus burrows through beach sand like an otter and will glide down snowy hills like a two-wheeled sleigh  with disc brakes.

If you’re looking to add a new bike to your quiver, the Surly Krampus will scratch your niche with versatility and lots of eye-catching style. And with an MSRP of  just $1959, you wallet will still be fat.  The Bike Lane has the Krampus in stock today!

Trek adds mountain bikes to Project One

Annie Last

Project One has been one of the brightest jewels in the Trek crown, offering dazzling custom parts and paint schemes for road and triathlon bikes. Now the exclusive service has expanded to cover the new Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29er, the Superfly 9.9 SL and the Superfly Pro FS 100 9.9 SL.

Tracey Moseley' Fuel EX 9.9 29

“Customization is at the core of what mountain bikes are all about since Gary Fisher and company first created them in the 1970’s. Project One is the modern embodiment of that,” said Trek Mountain Bike product manager John Riley. “Project One mountain bikes are something that our customers have asked about for a long time and to be able to offer riders so many options is awesome.”
Emily Batty Superfly 9.9 SL

Here’s what you can customize:

Saddle: Pick one that’s just your size and just your style.

Seatpost: Dropper or rigid with choice of offset.

Rear Shock:  Pick your favorite and it will be tuned at Trek’s California Suspension Shop.  Remote lock-out is standard for Superfly FS.

Drivetrain: Custom gearing from Shimano and SRAM: 3×10, 2×10, 1×11. Your pick.

Tires: Choose from Bontrager Tubeless Ready suited to where and how you ride.

Color Details: Fork decals, headset, spacers.

Fork:  California tuned, remote lockout standard on Superfly models; no lockout on EX forks.

Wheelset: Choose a Bontrager wheelset from hardy to featherlight.

Frame color:  Choose from Select Series or Signature Series.

Ross Schnell Fuel EX 9.9 29

Trek now has 13 bike models in its Project One program.  Designing your own is easy.  Start your Project One design today! Need help figuring out the right specs to choose from?  The Bike Lane has a Project One design center at each location.  We can help you choose the right components and show you the full range of P1 paint schemes.  Your dream bike is only a few clicks away.

The Bike Lane's Project One Center

The Bike Lane’s Project One Center

Todd’s TBL Bike Maintenance Classes


There’s a right way to maintain your bike, but for many of us, it’s a complicated and messy job.  Now there’s the “Todd Way.”  Todd Mader is co-owner of The Bike Lane and also an accomplished mechanic, racer and comedian.

Comedy and the art of bicycle maintenance is unusual, but Todd will keep you smiling in his “Basic Maintenance Class” held in the Springfield store every last Sunday of the month at 10:30 a.m.

You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, you’ll learn how to fix a flat, clean and lube your bike, and do minor trailside adjustments! Bring your bike if you like and get Todd to address your maintenance issues.

Todd makes technical issues a snap with his funny stories and easy-to-remember tips about keeping your bike running smooth. 
Space is limited 
so sign up now!

The Bike Lane requires a $25 non-refundable deposit to sign up for our maintenance class. However, as our gift to you, you will receive a $25 gift credit to use towards any purchase when you attend the class.  That makes it essentially free.  And the laughs are on us!

Register here