Trek adds mountain bikes to Project One

Annie Last

Project One has been one of the brightest jewels in the Trek crown, offering dazzling custom parts and paint schemes for road and triathlon bikes. Now the exclusive service has expanded to cover the new Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29er, the Superfly 9.9 SL and the Superfly Pro FS 100 9.9 SL.

Tracey Moseley' Fuel EX 9.9 29

“Customization is at the core of what mountain bikes are all about since Gary Fisher and company first created them in the 1970’s. Project One is the modern embodiment of that,” said Trek Mountain Bike product manager John Riley. “Project One mountain bikes are something that our customers have asked about for a long time and to be able to offer riders so many options is awesome.”
Emily Batty Superfly 9.9 SL

Here’s what you can customize:

Saddle: Pick one that’s just your size and just your style.

Seatpost: Dropper or rigid with choice of offset.

Rear Shock:  Pick your favorite and it will be tuned at Trek’s California Suspension Shop.  Remote lock-out is standard for Superfly FS.

Drivetrain: Custom gearing from Shimano and SRAM: 3×10, 2×10, 1×11. Your pick.

Tires: Choose from Bontrager Tubeless Ready suited to where and how you ride.

Color Details: Fork decals, headset, spacers.

Fork:  California tuned, remote lockout standard on Superfly models; no lockout on EX forks.

Wheelset: Choose a Bontrager wheelset from hardy to featherlight.

Frame color:  Choose from Select Series or Signature Series.

Ross Schnell Fuel EX 9.9 29

Trek now has 13 bike models in its Project One program.  Designing your own is easy.  Start your Project One design today! Need help figuring out the right specs to choose from?  The Bike Lane has a Project One design center at each location.  We can help you choose the right components and show you the full range of P1 paint schemes.  Your dream bike is only a few clicks away.

The Bike Lane's Project One Center

The Bike Lane’s Project One Center

What’s Old is New Again

Mike Nicholson, a good friend and former employee of The Bike Lane, has recently started a hobby of refurbishing antique bikes. Mike just finished restoring Bill’s Schwinn and it looks absolutely amazing.  The Schwinn came from Bill’s Uncle who happened to find it in an old barn he was knocking down on his property.  The bike was his uncle’s as a kid and he had forgotten about it.  When his uncle found the bike it was not in the best condition but he knew Bill would love this bike.  So he sent it to Bill and Bill sent it to Mike to make it new again.  When Mike restores a bike he brings it back to its original condition.    These bikes have such great character, colors, and little details that make them unique.  When you see one it’s like going back in time.  It reminds us that a bike is a simple machine that can be transformed into a work of art.  These bikes make us smile and make us want to just hop on and enjoy the ride.

Mike did such an amazing job that we asked him to bring a couple of these vintage bikes over to The Bike Lane so we could showcase them in the shop.  We hope to have the Schwinn and the Raider in the shop soon.  In the meantime here are some shots of the old bikes he has made new again.

How Trek Does Custom for 09!

The New Project One- from Up The Road

At long last, here is how the new Project One program works.  On September 9th the P-One, build your custom bike site will go live.  You’ll be able to get to the P-One site from your favorite search engine or from a Madone bike page on

Design your bike beginning with the model bike you want.  Madone 6.5 (including WSD) and 6.9 will go live on the 28th.   5.2, 5.5 and TTX go live on October 15th.  From there you are free to roam.  Pick a frame color then accessorize your ride with colored tires, wheel decals, housing and bar tape colors and  your brake hood color (SRAM only).

Here are the best parts or the new Project One:  there is no price increase in the new P-One and you can have your bike in just 14 days.  You choose the frame color, your component colors even your component sizing – no up-charge, in your hands in 2 weeks.  Component sizing choices like bar width, stem length, crank length, cassette size and double, triple, compact cranks are all free to you.

There will be cost added (or subtracted) when you change component level.  If, for instance, you change from an Ultegra to a Dura-Ace grouppo or RXL to Aeolus wheels then you pay the difference.  But your dream bike still gets to you in 14 days.

Here’s the process: You can submit an order on-line or at your favorite Trek dealer (The Bike Lane, of course).  Your dealer will help you make all your sizing decisions (frame fit, stem length, etc).  Your order is processed at Trek, your bike is crafted and shipped to your dealer for final assembly.  You’ll pick up the bike and ride!

Here’s a screen grab of the develpment site we’re working on:


The original Project One still exists but its now called Project One Signature Series.  This is palette has more expensive color options and paint schemes and the delivery times are 30+ days.  Each frame is painted by hand, one at a time and will have the artist’s signature near the drive side dropout.

The website will tell a much better story than I can describe here so check back on the 28th for a test drive.  In the meantime, enjoy these shots.

Madone_orange_white Madone_white_green P1_plum_silver

The bikes above are all new Project One bikes.  The bike below is a Signature Series bike.