Santa Elves have been busy at the shop!

Being in the shop, this last week, has given me some insight to what some of our customers are going to find under the tree on Christmas morning!  I won’t give anything away but I expect there will be a lot of happy cyclists on Tuesday.  Santa and his elves are being extra generous this year!  Of course there will the usual little pink bikes with baskets and streamers, colorful helmets, and camel baks under the tree.  There are some great stocking stuffers too; like Resource Revivals recycled chain picture frames, warm winter cycling gloves, and numerous fancy bike tools and pumps.   But a few lucky ones will be getting gifts that won’t fit in a stocking. Santa’s elves have been busy picking out some of the latest and greatest in 2008 bikes for some very good boys and girls!  Here is a little hint:  MADONEs.….Top Fuel 69ers…..Equinox TTX 9.5Hifi GSs!  I wonder how Santa will get these down the chimney?

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