Bontrager Race Convertible Jacket

Price: $109.99

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We knew we had a winner on our hands when the Bontrager Race Convertible Jacket showed up at the shop and our staff fought to try them on.

It easily converts from a jacket to a vest perfect for changeable weather conditions at the beginnings or ends of your next bike ride.  It’s beauty is in its flexibility.  This cycling jacket is wind resistant and features a durable water repellant finish.

In our testing it performed great on days that were a little wet, but nothing torrential. It was also great for long rides that started early on a chilly morning and lasted into the rising temps of the day.  We also loved riding with it on a late afternoon spring bike ride that lasted into the night. And since this describes so many of the rides we do here in Northern Virginia, this jacket is killer!

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The Trek Conduit+ Bike Review: Commuting to work or shopping around town shouldn’t be this fun!


The Trek Conduit + is a new electric bike model from Trek that is a great value at $2999.99.  It comes with front and tail lights  called the Lync onboard lighting system that you can charge right on the bike and features a 5 hour run time.


FeatureAsset_304689_fendersAnd the fenders! We loved the super well thought out fenders because they not only keep you Really Dry, but they also stay in place, and don’t rub on your tires like cheaper fenders!

Speaking of tires, Trek did a great job specing out the bike with Bontrager Hard-Case tires so you will get fewer flat tires and less of your rides will end in a frustration.


And the super smooth ride is powered by the Shimano Step System which is not only quiet, but powerful too.  With a max speed of 20 MPH and a 30mile range , the Trek Conduit+ which is a Class 1 Electric Bike, isn’t quite as fast as this bicycle’s big brother the Trek Ride+ XM700+ powered by a Bosch Motor which goes a full 28mph, and offers an expanded range of 40 – 75 depending on how hard you pedal.

The rugged Shimano Deore components on the Conduit + work smoothly and will stand up nicely to the rigors of bike commuting to work. We really like how the motor is placed right in the middle of the bike as this leads to great balanced steering.

You’ll love the integrated rear rack for connecting your panniers to.  We’re big fans of the Bontrager Town Double Throw Panniers as an option.

Part of bike commuting that Trek paid a lot of attention to is braking.  Trek put Shimano Hydraulic brakes that are the bees knees  because they offer great stopping power so you can stop quickly, and control too.


The LCD screen is easy to see in different light conditions and the large font size is really easy to read. You can also change how powerful the lights and motor are while safely keeping your hands on your bike’s handlebars.

And the best part is how much lighter this electric bike is than other rear hub motor Electric bikes we’ve ridden.

The bike comes with a lightweight and precise steering aluminum fork that we thought kept our bike commuter super simple and efficient.  Some of our customers have been upgrading to Trek’s Pavement Suspension Seatpost to smooth out the ride a bit, but it is something you can ride and decide later on.

We hope this review helps you learn about the Trek Conduit+, and more importantly that you get bike commuting, you’ll love how you feel!  Come in for a test ride today!

Bontrager Flare R Tail Light Review


Flare R


The Bontrager Flare R tail light is the brightest bike rear light that we’ve ever had in our bike shop. Period.

You will be super visible on your bike ride during the night and the day from a full 270 degrees with the Flare R. This means that you can ride safer than ever and will be visible to cars and everyone else while on your bicycle.  It also is one more product to help you fall in love with commuting to work on a bike.

Trek claims that you will be visible from 2k (Be seen while cycling from over a mile away) during the day or night time. While we haven’t tested this specific claim, after checkingthe Flare R out on a few local road and mountain bike rides, we can safely say this is one Crazy bright bike tail light.

It has four different modes for you to choose from so you can balance battery life and brightness.

The Two Daytime modes are: 65Lumens flash-4.25hrs runtime, 35Lumens all-day-10hrs runtime, 25Lumens steady-4.5hrs runtime

The Two Nightime modes are: 65Lumens flash-23hrs runtime, 5Lumens steady-21hrs runtime.

The Bontrager packaging includes a quick connect bracket and also comes with a usb cable.

Charge time is 2.5 hours via micro USB.

The Verdict?

Buy it! This Bontrager tail light is a super popular light down at the shop because of the great value.

Super bright, short charge times and four different modes = safer riding during the day or night!