Three-peat for DC Kids Triathlon Camp

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Examiner Bio Three-peat for DC's Kids Triathlon Camp

September 4, 4:28 PMDC Sports Travel ExaminerLisa KildayPrevious

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2009: Lisa Kilday/Hub of the WheelOnly a cynic would scoff at Men’s Health magazine’s announcement that the Nation’s Capital is America’s “Fittest City” in 2009. Does fitness and health really rule DC? It must because every local park and trail in the summer are full of weekend warriors clad in spandex who are running, biking, or practicing their golf swing while checking their Blackberry. Many local running and cycling races sell out on the first day of registration. DC is a type-A city full of overachieving athletes, right?

Men’s Health overlooked the shameful reality of DC’s other population when they awarded DC as the “Fittest City in the US.” In a nutshell, DC is the unequivocal leader in preventable and deadly diseases in the US. Over 3% of DC residents have HIV or AIDS, which surpasses West Africa’s infection rate. AIDS is no longer a health iss

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Action Alert Transportation Enhancements under Attack

Please take a moment to call your Senator Today
From the League of American Bicyclists:  Action AlerT
Transportation Enhancements Under Attack!
FY 2010 Transportation Appropriations Bill

We need your help – TODAY!
Senator Coburn (R-OK) is offering two amendments to the FY10 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill that will strike funding for transportation enhancements. The two amendments are S. Amendment 2370 and S. Amendment 2371.
The Transportation Enhancement program has provided between one-half and three-quarters of all Federal funding invested in bicycling and walking improvements in the last 20 years. More than $250 million is at stake in fiscal year 2010 – if Coburn’s amendment is successful it will affect hundreds of trail projects, sidewalks, bicyclist education programs, bike rack on bus programs, and roadway improvements for bicyclists.
S. Amendment 2370 prohibits funding for transportation enhancements if the Highway Trust Fund does not contain amounts sufficient to cover unfunded highway authorizations. 
S. Amendment 2371 allows states to opt out of the 10 percent set aside rule that require states to spend at least 10 percent of their surface transportation funding on transportation enhancements.
We expect the amendments to be offered and voted on during Senate floor debate tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16.
Please call your Senator immediately and urge them to vote NO on S. Amendment 2370 and S. Amendment 2371 to the FY10 transportation appropriations bill. 
Thank You!


Kudos to MORE and FCPA for a great new Trail System!

Laurel Hill Ribbin Cutting

Laurel Hill Ribbin Cutting

New Sustainable Trails to Open at Laurel Hill Park in Lorton



Press Release from FCPA
Fairfax County officials along with members of the Fairfax County Park Authority Board will join equestrian enthusiasts, cyclists and hikers for a ribbon cutting ceremony on 7.5 miles of new sustainable, natural surface trails in Laurel Hill Park on Saturday, September 12, 2009. The public is invited to join the celebration which begins at 10 a.m.

The trails were designed by volunteers from Trail Solutions, Inc and Park Authority planning staff and conform to the publicly-approved Laurel Hill Park Conceptual Development Plan. Construction was completed on time and under budget by Southern Asphalt Incorporated, Trail Solutions, Inc. and volunteers from Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE). The project cost $359,000 and was built using funding from the 2004 and 2006 Park Bond Programs. MORE adopted the park and will perform regular safety and maintenance inspections, provide tree and brush pruning and repair the trails as necessary.

Much effort was given to building the trails using sustainable construction techniques. Smaller, specialized construction equipment was used to minimize disturbance at the park. The trail bed is reinforced with stone and meanders over existing topography, avoiding steep slopes. Natural obstructions were left in place to interrupt water runoff during rain events.

Approximately two miles of trails is designed specifically for advanced mountain biking with assorted obstacles and skill-building features such as banked turns and log jumps. Visitors to the park can access the new trail system via the Cross County Trail (CCT), a 41-mile trail that runs from the Potomac River in the north to the Occoquan River in the south.

Trailhead maps at the entrances feature colored loops and corresponding colored trail signage to provide superior orientation for novice riders and first time users. Simple warning signs like “Brake for Snakes” alert users to sensitivity issues for natural and cultural.


Light and Motion Seca 400 Lighting System

What you need for lighting up the night!

What you need for lighting up the night!

Light & Motion Seca 400 Lighting System – Serving Burke, Springfield, Reston, Herndon and all of Northern VA: The Bike Lane

This thing rocks!  I used the Seca 400 on the our Thursday Night ride at Wakefield.  The trail was so lit up that I forgot it was dark!  The only draw back was that the dust from the trail, because it was so dry, was reflected and made it hard to see sometimes. 

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Wine and Cheese Evening featuring Trek Travel

Take a trip of a lifetime with Trek Travel
Take a trip of a lifetime with Trek Travel
An Evening with Trek Travel

The Bike Lane cordially invites you for an evening reception of wine and cheese and Trek Travel. Whether it is white water rafting in Costa Rica, amazing sunset wine tastings in Tuscany or climbing the legendary mountain passes of the Alps like so many past champions of the Tour de France, Trek Travel has your vacation of a lifetime. With some of the most exotic and intriguing corners of the world as our back drop, join us for a relaxing evening of wine and spirits with fellow vacation enthusiasts.

Wednesday Sept 9  7:30 pm- 9:00 pm
The Bike Lane in Reston Town Center
11943 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA 20190
Please RSVP to info@thebikelane