Come in from the Cold and Ride with Us

Come in from the cold, join The Bike Lane in Reston Town Center for Sunday Morning Indoor Trainer Classes from 9:00- 10:30 am. Classes will follow Coach Kasha Schoolmeester’s Winter Indoor Trainer Program based off of the Carmichael Training Program. Classes are designed to improve cycling efficiency and increase endurance throughout the winter. Beginners to enthusiasts are welcome. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and and some calories burned without having to bundle up!

Participants will need to bring a trainer, water, a towel, and their own bike. Classes are $10 per class, space is limited. The first class will be on January 9. This will be a 12 week session. If you sign up for the entire 12 weeks the price is only $100.

Class participants will receive 20% off any trainer purchase. If you would like to borrow a trainer to try it out please call the shop to reserve one. 703-689-2671. To reserve your space please register here .

Friday Hookie Rides

My Bike on a Friday Hookie Ride at Gambril

So, for the last year or so, I have been organizing Friday Hookie Rides.  These are mountain bike rides that vary from trail to trail and typically are at least 2-3 hour rides.  I started these rides as a way to keep up my riding throughout the winter.  Typically, my weekends are too busy for long rides so my only option is to try to squeeze them in during the week, as long as the boss doesn’t mind….
Each week I try to pick a different location.  In the winter, I find that I have to schedule rides in places that are more rocky such as Gambril or Kennedy Peak, as the winter weather can leave the local trails pretty wet and sloppy.   These rides have been great!  There are always a great group of people that show up who either have the day off, have gotten a babysitter, or have called in sick!
The Bike Lane always list these rides on the Bike Lane’s Ride and Events Newsletter which if you don’t get, you should.  It lists a bunch of the local club and group mountain and road rides as well as upcoming local races and cycling events. And we list The Bike Lane’s most favorite rides there too.   It is a pretty cool resource as there are not many places to go to get information on different rides in the area.  So if you are interested sign up for our emails and hopefully, we’ll see you the trail.

A Great Start to a New Year

Yesterday, Todd and I had the rare opportunity of a day off with time to ride.  We dropped the kids off at my parents and headed out to the WO&D for a 2 hour spin on the road bikes  However, our spin turned into a fight against a very strong headwind.  If you know the WO&D trail, you know that it is mostly flat and easy but when there is a wind it is a bear.  So, we took this headwind and made it our challenge.  We decided we would ride into it for an hour and then head home.  The entire way out it was a struggle not to turn around when we saw riders flying in the other direction.  However, we knew if we kept going we would get our tailwind reward eventually.  Finally, after an hour of cold hard pushing we turned around.  It was quiet and the wind was at our back pushing us home. 

This ride is a perfect example of how I feel at the beginning of every year when I start Riding again.  Not that I have stopped riding my bike, but I have definitely taken a month or two of a holiday from any type of “training”.  Typically, after racing some in the summer, I take the fall and the first part of winter and just play on my bike.  I just go out and ride without any expectation of how far to go, how long to ride, or what kind of workout I am getting.  I just go out and enjoy being on my bike and being outside. 

But then January 1 comes and I start setting some goals and putting a few races on the calendar…..and next thing you know I start training.  And training always starts the same way… like riding with the wind in my face.  But I know if I keep it up it will get easier and there will be a reward at the end.  The challenge this time of year is to keep riding no matter what.  Luckily, I have a few things that will help me out. 

First, I have a very supportive husband.  Second, I have some great winter riding gear.  Believe me, without the proper winter clothing, riding in the winter is almost impossible.  So I rely on my Sugoi wool undergarments,  Sidi insulated riding shoes, Pearl Izumi wind proof tights and gloves, and my new fancy Bike Lane jacket- with these, winter riding is bearable.  And when it is too miserable out, I always have my handy Cycolops trainer that I can mount my bike in and ride while catching up on the latest Tivo’d Oprah!

Yes, this year will be a struggle just like every year to train through the winter.  But I think I will keep the ride Todd and I did on the first day of the new year as a reminder, that if you keep it up the reward will come and it will be a smooth ride home (or to the finish line, I should say).