Spring Fever and Over Training

Our favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Kathy from Positively Chiropractic is spot on with her latest article. We are all very eager to get outside and ride in this beautiful weather. Just be careful of being over zealous. If you do over train make sure you take care of those aches and pains.

Dr. Kathy Countiho from Positively Chiropractic
Spring Fever
A very common injury that presents itself in our office every spring is Acute Tendonitis of a sport specific muscle group. This happens when a muscle/tendon is suddenly overused, and demanded an increase in power and repetition with inadequate build up to the vastly increased activity. For example, my friends and family of mountain bikers are about to enjoy the many hours of sunny weather and dry trails, following months of unpredictably wet, muddy, and thus closed mountain bike trails. We forget that our arms are not ready for the chronic load we put on our arm muscles as we spend hours and hours riding our mountain bikes in the beautiful dry, spring weather.

This sudden overload will result in a gradual tightening of the muscle groups, which results in friction of the muscles that surround one another. The friction creates inflammation and micro-tearing of the tendon sheath around the muscle. You will see visible signs of swelling and redness over the area of pain, and will feel terrible pain with any use of that muscle, like shaking hands if it is your forearm muscle, or when pulling your toes upward, if its a front lower leg muscle.

How to avoid this? Don’t over train to begin with! Once you get this, how do you treat this? Active Release Therapy(a movement based massage technique that moves the joints above an below the affected muscles), chiropractic adjustments (to restore joint mobility), if possible hourly use of cryotherapy or ICE for the swelling and pain, self massage toward the heart with BIOFREEZE are all highly recommended.

Please ask your chiropractor at POSICHIRO if you feel like you may be experiencing this condition. The sooner you treat this the quicker the recovery.

Lets have a FABULOUSLY active but NOT injury filled Spring!

My best to you all,

Dr. Kathy

Cyclefest and Pauls Ride for Life this Saturday

Join us this Saturday for Paul’s Ride for Life and Cyclefest at the Reston Town Center pavilion!  Paul’s Ride for Life kicks off at 8 am for a 10, 20, or 50 mile ride along the beautiful W&OD. Proceeds from the ride benefit the Washington Regional Transplant Community.   The Community Canteen will be welcoming back riders with free coffee and pastries.  Park your bike in our free Bike Valet (courtesy of EX2 Adventures) and stick around for The Bike Lane’s Cyclefest Expo.  Ride some of the top bikes in the world!  Trek and Felt will have their demo trucks filled with road, mountain and tri bikes!  The Bike Lane will be bringing our Niner mountain bike demos for you to take out for a spin on the trail. Bring the kids and their bikes out for the Bike Safety Rodeo sponsored by Trails for Youth! The rodeo starts at Noon until 2:00 pm.  Also, we will have live performances from TUNNEL– an up and coming Prog/Alternative/Rock band based in the Washington, DC.  Check out the expo from 10-3 pm we will have vendors and local clubs including Saris, Camel Bak, Yakima, MORE, Team Z, Team in Training, Evolution Cycling, MS Ride, Tour de Cure, Reston Bike Club, Positively Chiropractic, FABB, Wilderness Voyagers, Pedal Pushers and more.  Enter to win a Trek 7.3 FX and other raffles!  See you Saturday.


Join us for Xterra Night at The Bike Lane

Xterra Night this Thursday at TBL in Reston!

Xterra Night this Thursday at TBL in Reston!



We will be raffling off a free entry into the Rocky Gap Xterra  at both clinics thanks to  
EX2 Adventures! 

Also all clinic participants will receive dsicounted rates  to the Richmond  XTERRA race!

Join us before the Xterra Event for a special visit from Dr. Kathy Countinho!  Dr Kathy is an accomplished Xterra racer, mountain biker, runner and an absolutely amazing Sports Chiropractor.  She will be taking appointments at the Reston shop this Thursday before the event.  Make sure you call today to schedule your appointment! 

Dr. Kathy Coutinho is our sports-certified chiropractor who specializes in treating sports injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and many other sports-related soft tissue injuries.  Active Release Technique, Dr. Kathy’s specialty, is a patented movement-based soft tissue massage that is unique to quickly and effectively breaking up scar tissue, the residual effect to soft tissue trauma. 

The Bike Lane will be offering 20% off all cleat and pedal alignments ($50 regular price) and Bicycle Fittings ($65-$125 regular price) to all of Dr. Kathy clients on ChiroDays!  Please call The Bike Lane (703) 689-2671 to schedule your bike fittings in order that we may accommodate your bike fitting to coincide with your Dr. Kathy appointment. 

Please make your chiropractic appointments with Dr. Kathy through our Positively Chiropractic office, at 703-642-8685, or you can contact us via email at staff@posichiro.com.  We look very forward to helping you to peddle and run your way safely and efficiently!

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