12 Hours of Cranky Monkey

12 hours of pain? What! EX2 Racing season is off to a great start. The 12 hours of Crankey Monkey was held this past Saturday @ Quantico Marine Corps base in the sweltering heat. This event is always a fun one to attend and to race in. Check out ex2adventures.com to see all there awesome events. The next EX2 Event is July 11, It is the Xterra EX2 Off Road Triathlon and Duathlon. Hope to see you all out there. We are most pumped about the Cranky Monkey MTB Series starting at the end of the July.

Wednesdays @ Wakefield Are Back!

 The W@W mountain bike series is back for another season, put it on by Potomac Velo Club and The Bike Lane. There are races for everyone from the beginner, to the expert, to kids racing. The laps are just under 4 miles long, and depending on what category you race you’ll ride 1-4 laps. They changed the course around a little bit this year, I personally like the changes that they made, they added “the burns”  with a windy up hill short climb, and a fun fast down hill. They also took out going over the creek and up the big hill at the end of course, which was a pleasant suprise for a lot of riders. 

W@W is one of our favorite races, because it is so relaxed, and we love the social aspect of the event. After all the events everyone hangs out shares race stories, and chills on some really good beer. Check it out and register today, we hope to see you guys out there this upcoming Wednesday!

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Frank Schleck wins the Tour of Switzerland

Saxo Bank’s Frank Schleck won the Tour of Switzerland on Sunday ahead of RadioShack’s Lance Armstrong after the ninth and final stage, a 26.9km time-trial won by Germany’s Tony Martin.

Schleck finished 12 seconds ahead of Armstrong in the overall standings, with Saxo Bank teammate Jacob Fuglsang third at 17 seconds.