Bontrager Race Convertible Jacket

Price: $109.99

Browse the Men’s and Women’s Bontrager Convertible Jackets

We knew we had a winner on our hands when the Bontrager Race Convertible Jacket showed up at the shop and our staff fought to try them on.

It easily converts from a jacket to a vest perfect for changeable weather conditions at the beginnings or ends of your next bike ride.  It’s beauty is in its flexibility.  This cycling jacket is wind resistant and features a durable water repellant finish.

In our testing it performed great on days that were a little wet, but nothing torrential. It was also great for long rides that started early on a chilly morning and lasted into the rising temps of the day.  We also loved riding with it on a late afternoon spring bike ride that lasted into the night. And since this describes so many of the rides we do here in Northern Virginia, this jacket is killer!

The front pocket is perfect for stashing your wallet or phone while out on a ride.

This will be a staple for a ton of riders because of the value and its semi fitted(not to loose and not too tight fit) shape, and easy packability, and high visibility piping.

The Bontrager Race Convertible Jacket is available for both men and women and costs just $109.99 with free shipping!

This convertible Bontrager jacket is super light, stylish, and features YKK zippers with draft flap that won’t catch your chin or neck. Here are some pics of different views of the men’s and women’s versions of the Bontrager Convertible Jacket.

The men’s jackets come in Black, Bonty Blue, Bonty Red, Firebrand, and Visibility Yellow.

The women’s Jackets come in Black, Bonty Red, Sorbet, Maui Blue, Volt, and parsimmon.


The Verdict?

Buy it if you are looking for a super versatile and convertible jacket at a great price combined with a great fit.

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