Great Cycling Quotes

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” -Lance Armstrong

“I have always struggled to achieve excellence. One thing that cycling has taught me is that if you can achieve something without a struggle it’s not going to be satisfying.” -Greg LeMond

Any more inspiring quotes you have let us know!

Indoor Trainer Classes @ TBL


Is now offering Sunday morning Indoor Trainer Classes
From 9am-11am

Classes will follow Coach Melissa Dalio’s, from Positively Chiropractic, Winter Indoor Trainer Program. Assistant Manager, Bill Helwig will instruct the 120 minute class. Classes are designed to improve cycling efficiency and increase endurance throughout the winter. Beginners to enthusiasts are welcome. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and and some calories burned without having to bundle up!

Participants will need to bring a trainer, water, a towel, and their own bike. Classes are $10 per class, space is limited.
Call to reserve your spot for next Sunday 703-689-2671.

We had a great first class this past sunday! We look forward to seeing new faces at the next one!

Cycling Tips From Our Local Cyclists

The Bike Lane asked our local cyclist what the best bike/cycling advice you ever recieved was?

and we got some great answers! Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Close your mouth when riding, it helps keep the bugs out.
  2. Keep your eyes on the line you want to take, not the line you don’t want to take.
  3. Use your gears.
  4. Always look a few feet ahed of you where you want to go. Never look down.
  6. Clean your bike before you clean yourself.
  7. Get fitted for your bike, it is definetly worth it!
  8. Let your body recover  “rest requires discipline – the discipline to not over-exert yourself.”
  9. Pedal in circles, DON’T STOMP!
  10. Wear bike shorts, and when wearing them don’t wear underwear.

If you have anymore tips please share them with us, so we can add them to our list!

Top 3 Gloves for winter riding

It’s cold out there, but nothing is going to stop us from hitting the trails this winter. With the proper winter gear you can be rockin out on your bike all winter long. Here is a list of our favorite gloves for the winter season!

1. Sugoi Firewall Z Gloves -$74.99
When it’s so cold outside your waterbottles freeze, Sugoi’s Firewall Z Gloves ensure your hands don’t do the same.

2. Louis Garneau Typhoon Gloves -$64.99 These sweet mitts boast a stellar combination of Teflon, 3M Drytex and Thinsulate for the ultimate in protection and breathability.

3. Louis Garneau Womens Tornado Gloves – $ 44.99
Their Softshell exterior and 3M Thinsulate lining keep wind and cold out while keeping you toasty warm and dry.

To check out other great winter geat click below!