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Armstrong on the AFLD: We’ll see even more antics


Posted Apr. 10, 2009

Lance Armstrong said Friday that French anti-doping authorities have been working to prevent him from racing in this year’s Tour de France.

Armstrong, who says he has submitted to 24 drug tests since his return to professional racing in September, said the French anti-doping body (AFLD) appears poised to keep him from riding the race he won seven times between 1999 and 2005.

The AFLD announced on Thursday that it was pursuing disciplinary action against the 37-year-old Armstrong for violating the rules governing out-of-competition testing. Armstrong, in a video message released Friday, said that the charges are baseless and reflective of the agency’s broader agenda.

“I suspect this will escalate, and we’ll see even more antics out of the AFLD in the near future,” Armstrong said. “And there’s a very high likelihood that they’d prohibit me from riding in the Tour. And that’s too bad, the Tour is something that I love dearly, something I wanted to ride in, something I wanted to be competitive in, either go for a victory or help Alberto (Contador) get a victory, or help Levi (Leipheimer) get a victory.”

The AFLD’s dispute with Armstrong relates to an out-of-competition test on March 17, when the Astana rider refused%

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