Bontrager Flare R Tail Light Review


Flare R


The Bontrager Flare R tail light is the brightest bike rear light that we’ve ever had in our bike shop. Period.

You will be super visible on your bike ride during the night and the day from a full 270 degrees with the Flare R. This means that you can ride safer than ever and will be visible to cars and everyone else while on your bicycle.  It also is one more product to help you fall in love with commuting to work on a bike.

Trek claims that you will be visible from 2k (Be seen while cycling from over a mile away) during the day or night time. While we haven’t tested this specific claim, after checkingthe Flare R out on a few local road and mountain bike rides, we can safely say this is one Crazy bright bike tail light.

It has four different modes for you to choose from so you can balance battery life and brightness.

The Two Daytime modes are: 65Lumens flash-4.25hrs runtime, 35Lumens all-day-10hrs runtime, 25Lumens steady-4.5hrs runtime

The Two Nightime modes are: 65Lumens flash-23hrs runtime, 5Lumens steady-21hrs runtime.

The Bontrager packaging includes a quick connect bracket and also comes with a usb cable.

Charge time is 2.5 hours via micro USB.

The Verdict?

Buy it! This Bontrager tail light is a super popular light down at the shop because of the great value.

Super bright, short charge times and four different modes = safer riding during the day or night!