Chance to win a cool $1,000 in gear at The Bike Lane!

MORE’s Spring Bling Promotion



Bring on April’s showers, as it’s bringing with it a potential shower of cash! Register for the NoVA Epic®* before May 1st, and you’ll be flooded away with happiness as you’ll not only receive the early registration pricing before the price increases but you’ll also score a $15 donation to MORE made in your name just for registering! That’s not enough to make the spring flowers bloom for you? You’ll also have a 1 in 200 chance to win a $1,000 in cool gear at The Bike Lane! Just think how much Spring Bling you could get with that. This promotion is limited to the first 200 people who sign up to the NoVA Epic so start those keystrokes humming before it’s too late.

Already signed up for the NoVA? No worries, you’re already entered into MORE’s Spring Bling drawing, and you scored a $15 donation to MORE made in your name. Thank you very much!

Want even more chances to win The Bike Lane $1,000 Bling? Sign up for the Patapsco, MoCo®*, or both as well as the NoVA Epic now, and you’ll double and/or triple your chances to win! You must sign up for the NoVA Epic to be eligible to win.

Registered for the Patapsco and/or MoCo already but not the NoVA? We’ve got your umbrella. Just sign up for the NoVA during this promotion period and double or triple your chances to win The Bike Lane $1,000 Bling. Plus, you’ll have snagged a $15 donation to MORE made in your name for each ride you signed up for.

All net proceeds from your Epic Series registration, as well as the $15 donation(s) in your name, are used to support MORE’s mission of expanding riding opportunities and increasing trail access throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Help make sure your local trail systems are epic by supporting MORE’s Epic Series!

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