Strength Training for Cyclists – a Story in Community Building

This is a great article about a class that was put together by Tom Mathis for The Bike Lane customers at CrossFit Burke. Tom writes for a blog called Active Life DC. and has his own fantastic blog
CrossFit Burke

About the Author:

Tom Mathis is a local fitness enthusiast who blogs at Cakehole Management.

On Saturday, 08 January 2014, in Northern Virginia 16 cyclists gathered at CrossFit (CF) Burke to participate in a functional fitness seminar to learn how they could help improve their on-bike performance during the Spring cycling season. Most were members of The Bike Lane’s racing team and signed up as a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with some friends. I was asked to teach the seminar and was really focused on folks walking away with some enduring knowledge versus just being exposed to some different exercise elements and having a good workout.

The seminar was the brain-child of Todd Mader, one of the co-owners of The Bike Lane. I’ve known Todd and his wife and business partner, Anne, since they started a shared dream to open their own bike shop in 2001. The Bike Lane doesn’t just focus on selling bikes, they constantly strive to give back to their community through educating the public on bicycle safety, advocating for bicycle safe communities, sponsoring a race team, co-sponsoring races and cycling related activities, leading rides, and most importantly helping their customers learn everything they need to know in order to have a safe and enjoyable biking experience.

Thus it was no surprise when Todd asked me to host a strength and conditioning seminar for cyclists after helping me with the Active Life DC “Winter Strength Training Tips for Cyclist.” Todd was so excited by the material we covered during the photo shoot that he thought it would make for a good seminar. I was a bit skeptical at first because I tend to focus on the fundamentals, which folks often don’t find that exciting. However, what makes for fun experiences is being willing to try new things and doing cool things with friends. So we made a deal on the spot – if he could get at least 10 x participants, I’d put together a program of instruction and coordinate the rest.

That same week, I discovered CF Burke just opened up in our Community – I make it my business to know every CF Box (aka gym) near me as I’m constantly encouraging folks to try CrossFit. I also want first hand experience of any box I refer to.

I dropped-in for a Workout of the Day (WOD) that week to check out CF Burke. Candidly speaking, I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve been to a few new CF Boxes and many start off as a diamond in the rough where it takes a trained eye to appreciate the important facets.

However, I was blown away by CF Burke. Right away I could tell I was walking into something different – this wasn’t just a CF Box, this was 7,500 square feet of someone’s well thought out and passionate vision. Little details, like both Apple and Android charger stations by the gear storage area, the “Big Ass Fans” to keep things cool in the summer, and the complete assortment of standard CF Gear from Rogue Fitness. They even had a reverse-hyper, which you don’t see everywhere. After a good work out, I had a chance to learn more about CrossFit Burke from the owner and head coach, Jamie Gallagher.
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