Tech Tip Tuesday- Leafy Matters

Autumn will soon be here with a whole new set of maintenance problems for your bike.  In addition to mud and water on the trails, those beautiful falling leaves will appear, often stuck in the rear cog-set of your bike.

The leaves have a tendency to gum up the spaces between the gears, making shifting more difficult and sometimes causing problems with your rear derailleur.

Those problems are easily solved with a Park Tool Gear Cleaning tool.  The thin, plastic gear brush has a stiff plastic end with a set of pointed teeth that pull gunky tree matter out with ease.  It also has a set of long bristles that let your sweep debris from the pulley wheels.


Park Tool Gear Clean Brush
Park’s Gear Clean Brush has a handle on one end with a curved, serrated edge perfect for cleaning between cassette cogs. The other end’s tough nylon bristles are ideal for cleaning the derailleurs, chain and other drivetrain parts to keep them clean and prevent premature wear. It also works great on brakes and other components that collect dirt and grime. The GearClean easily fits in a toolbox or pack.

A gummed-up chain can be a real bummer, causing mis-shifts and general irritation.  Put a gear brush in your hydration pack and  “leaf” your shifting problems behind.

Once your home and make sure you have the right brushes and a chain cleaner to get into all the nooks and cranny’s.  These handy Park Tools will keep your gears leaf and grit free throughout the Fall.


Park’s Cyclone Chain Scrubber features an extra-large solvent reservoir, a series of rotating brushes, and a two-step cleaning process to get chains really clean without removal. Plus, a strong magnet draws particles scrubbed from the links to the bottom of the reservoir, preventing redistribution. And, the handle makes the tool easy to hold and fill.

Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Kit

Clean bikes look great, work best, last longest and are easiest to maintain. Park’s Bike Cleaning Brush Set contains four brushes, each with its own purpose. You get a double-ended gear brush, a tire- and frame-cleaning brush, a frame sponge brush, and a tapered detail brush for those hard-to-reach places. Park’s Sure Grip dual-density handles ensure a positive grip even with wet hands, too.

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