RAMM Update #2

TBL Mechanic Daniel Wilcox is wrenching for Race Across America Team Green Beret Foundation.  He is sending us updates throughout his adventure.

Dispatch from TeamGBF RAAM #2 – Saturday June 15th
Today we start! Rolling out around 12:20 from Oceanside…Spent all day yesterday at staging area re-re-re-packing vehicles, working on all 8 bikes (gotta love SRAM front derailleurs!!) going to big RAAM meeting in evening.
We may not have Internet connection for whole race – trying to get that worked out.
 It is very inspiring, seeing and hearing athletes from all over the world here – including team from Walter Reed Bethesda which has 2 wheelchair athletes! I can’t even begin to conceive of doing that…
Our 4 racers seem very eager and ready to go. They were written up here:
I am headed for serious sleep deprivation for sure…and our RV freezer/fridge will not work even though was supposedly all checked out…huge grocery shopping with no way to keep cool right now. RV is packed to the ceiling…..
Wish us a fast and winning race!!!!
TeamGBF Mechanic
~TBL MechanicTeam GBF RAAM 5 4

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