The Surly Krampus: A little fat and a lot of fast

Fat Bikes

The Surly Krampus- the perfect Fat Bike.

The Fat Bike phenomenon is growing, and with it some new bikes that have all the pluses of going Fat (cushy ride over rocks, mud, snow, roots, sand and looks cool) with some added speed on singletrack.

The Surly Krampus is big but not fat: Think of it as a 29er+.  Its 29 x 3” Knard tires on 50mm Rabbit Hole rims get you rolling fast off the start line while providing high-volume cushion without waddling in tight turns and switchbacks.

When you’re ready to relax, the Krampus burrows through beach sand like an otter and will glide down snowy hills like a two-wheeled sleigh  with disc brakes.

If you’re looking to add a new bike to your quiver, the Surly Krampus will scratch your niche with versatility and lots of eye-catching style. And with an MSRP of  just $1959, you wallet will still be fat.  The Bike Lane has the Krampus in stock today!

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