Super-secret Trek bikes are in at The Bike Lane

The hottest bike to hit the trails this summer!

The Trek 29 Fuel EX- The hottest bike to hit the trails this summer!

The bike business usually runs on a predictable schedule:  Bike makers leak photos of some super-secret prototypes to the cycling press, a few black-box bikes appear at press camps, lots of photos are taken and whispers of super-duper technologies trickle out.  Customers are left with their fingers crossed waiting for these dream bikes to someday appear at their local bike shop.

This year, Trek is blowing up that old paradigm and busting out red-hot, ready-to-ride, state-of-the-art Remedy 29ers and Fuel EX 7 29ers at The Bike Lane stores before the press hits!

You won’t have to wait to buy a bike magazine to find out how sweet these new machines are.  You can ride out of The Bike Lane this week with one of these full-suspension rockets between your pedals. Imagine racing your new 29 Fuel EX at the June 2 NoVa Epic while your buddies are still cranking on their old buckets-of-bolts.

Stop by your TBL location and be the first in line to see, ride and buy the very latest in Trek mountain bike technology.  We will have the new 29 Trek Fuel EX7’s and EX8s in this week.

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