National Bike To Work Week and National Bike To Work Day




In a perfect world, every day would be Bike To Work Day. But this year we get a whole week to celebrate commuting that’s fun and emission-free.

What could be better for curing work stress than a fun bike ride to and from our workplaces?  A ride to and from work gives us “me time” to think about the day ahead while also enjoying fresh air and physical exercise.  It is well-known that moderate exercise can make us smarter. Remember, Einstein rode a bike!

A good place to start planning your ride is  The site has maps of Bike to Work pit stops, where you can pick up a free Bike To Work T-shirt on May 17 (order when you register online), get refreshments and meet fellow bike commuters.  The Bike Lane will be supporting the Reston Town Center and the Burke VRE Pit Stops.

The Bike to Work Day website also lets you join a group of “Bike Bus” riders heading in your work direction, with a ride leader who knows the ins and out of that route.

Before you ride to work, stop by The Bike Lane stores in Springfield and Reston to get your bike tuned up for commuting. You will also find a great selection of office-friendly bike clothing and fenders, panniers, baskets, bells, lights and other accessories that will get you out of gridlock and into pedaling nirvana. And don’t forget your helmet!

One thought on “National Bike To Work Week and National Bike To Work Day

  1. Every weekday IS bike to work day, for me at least! And I have loved every one of my commutes even in the rain and snow.

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