Hooray! May 8 is Bike To School Day


Wednesday, May 8 is National Bike to School Day and a great opportunity to show our kids how much fun riding to school can be.

It is also an opportunity to demonstrate safe biking practices.  Children copy adult behavior and your good habits will guide them for the rest of their lives.

In the TBL area, the Wednesday weather forecast calls for rain all day.  But that’s not a reason to drive — think of it as an opportunity to ride with your kids and teach them how to be more visible on the bike, to use a bike light during daytime hours and wear bright colors so drivers can see you.

Being aware of your visibility on the bike extends to riding at evening and night, so it is never too early or too late to instill good visibility habits before they ride in darkness.

Most of all, make riding fun and not a chore.  Riding a bike to school is a sign of independence that will boost your kids’ self-esteem.

Have fun, stay safe, be visible and enjoy Bike to School Day.  Make it a habit!

To learn more about about biking to school in Fairfax County check out FABB’s website (Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling).

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