What’s Old is New Again

Mike Nicholson, a good friend and former employee of The Bike Lane, has recently started a hobby of refurbishing antique bikes. Mike just finished restoring Bill’s Schwinn and it looks absolutely amazing.  The Schwinn came from Bill’s Uncle who happened to find it in an old barn he was knocking down on his property.  The bike was his uncle’s as a kid and he had forgotten about it.  When his uncle found the bike it was not in the best condition but he knew Bill would love this bike.  So he sent it to Bill and Bill sent it to Mike to make it new again.  When Mike restores a bike he brings it back to its original condition.    These bikes have such great character, colors, and little details that make them unique.  When you see one it’s like going back in time.  It reminds us that a bike is a simple machine that can be transformed into a work of art.  These bikes make us smile and make us want to just hop on and enjoy the ride.

Mike did such an amazing job that we asked him to bring a couple of these vintage bikes over to The Bike Lane so we could showcase them in the shop.  We hope to have the Schwinn and the Raider in the shop soon.  In the meantime here are some shots of the old bikes he has made new again.

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