The New Trek Madone 6.5 Has Arrived

The new 2013 Madone is getting rave reviews as a light, stiff, aerodynamic riding machine.

Trek Bicycle just launched an entirely new generation of its eight-time Tour de France-winning road bike with the all-new Madone line. Adopting the mantra of “fast is everything,” the new Madones offer a rider major advancements in three key areas: aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness. Most notably, the 7 Series Madone saves its rider an enormous 25 watts at 40kph, over the previous generation. Available in 5, 6, and 7 Series OCLV Carbon frames, as well as a 2-Series aluminum version, the Madone brings world-class racing performance to riders of all levels, with no compromise in ride quality. The new Madone line is complimented by a complete line of Domane endurance road models, from the Strade-Bianche winning 6 Series, as well as OCLV carbon 5 and 4 Series, and a 2 Series aluminum option.

“I rode the bike in Belgium, just a few days before the Tour de France was set to roll out. We followed a 60-kilometer test loop that toured the hilly Ardennes region. The new Madone is a stiff, efficient race machine, even stiffer than the non-aero 2012 Madone—I couldn’t get this bike to flex at all, even when scaling a 20-percent grade on the famed Stockeu climb. Descents gave me the chance to take advantage of the bike’s crisp handling, which is just as sharp as you’d expect from a bike at this level. On rougher patches of pavement, and while passing over Belgian cobbles, the ride was very firm, but this may have had as much to do with Bontrager’s latest Aeolus carbon clincher wheels as the frame.”-review from Bicycling

The 2013 Madones are coming available throughout the summer.  The Bike Lane in Reston just got in the Madone 6.5.  Come in today and check it out.


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