TBL Womens Mountain Bike Weekend with Sue Haywood

This past weekend 15 women had an absolute blast learning new skills, riding some awesome trails, and hanging out with retired pro rider Sue Haywood, in Davis WVA. The weekend started off on Friday afternoon with a few of us heading out to Kennedy Peak for a beautiful ride through some of the George Washington Forrest. We had such a great time we lost track of time and ended up leaving a little later than we had planned. So, after a great ride we got back in the cars and over the hills we went to meet up with the rest of the women waiting for us in Davis. The Bike Lane rented out The Bright Morning B&B for the weekend. This is definitely the best place to stay while in Davis! Susan, the owner is very accommodating. Not only were the accommodations great but the breakfast in the mornings were perfect for starting off the day ready to ride.

On Saturday, Sue met up with us in the morning. After some introductions and a general overview of the day, we were off on a warm up ride. Sue lead the ride into Blackwater Falls State Park, literally right across the bridge from Davis. After taking us to the Black Water Falls overlook, we spent much of the day working on skills. Sue did an amazing job at teaching all of us the fundamentals of mountain biking. Some of us have been riding longer than others, but learning the foundation of basic skills benefited everyone. For example, it is amazing how much improvement can come from knowing how to position yourself correctly on a bike. Whether you are just riding along, going over an obstacle, or cornering, body position has everything to do with how a mountain bike will handle. After we all stayed a little too long in the sun, we did a short ride to practice our new founds skills. Later we relaxed and hung out at the infamous Hellbenders . A few of us had just enough energy to head over to the Purple Fiddle for a little music and one last beer before calling it a night.

Sunday, we were greeted with another sunny day. Sue led us out to the “Moon Rocks” for a long ride. This is a great trail which is a part of the annual mountain bike race in Davis. It was a perfect day with some good challenges and an opportunity for everyone to practice their new riding skills. It was so great to see such a diverse group of women gain confidence and courage in their riding. Sue Haywood is an outstanding instructor. The weekend was an absolute blast! Great times, great riding, and a great group of women!
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