Be AMYzing Reston Youth Triathlon

The Bike Lane is proud to sponsor Amy’s Amigoes for their first annual Youth Triathlon.  We are so impressed with all of the work and effort Amy’s friends have put forth in memory of Amy and in support of such an important cause.  We are also very excited to be a part of getting kids getting into the sport of triathlon.    Please read below what Amy’s Amigoes are all about and support this much needed research.

We could not have written this any better, so it is directly from the Reston Youth Triathlon website.

The sport of triathlon has grown tremendously over the last few years.  While most participants are adults, a growing number of children are testing their athletic spirit in triathlon  Reston is one of the premier triathlon communities in the area with both highly successful Olympic and sprint distance triathlon  With the long standing Reston Triathlon of 27 years and the Reston Sprint Triathlon of four years, the missing link is a children’s triathlon.  But now, Amy Amigos will make the connection.

The Reston Youth Triathlon, Be AMYazing! inaugural event will be held on Sunday, May 22, 2011.  The triathlon is sponsored by Amy’s Amigos in conjunction with The Core Foundation. Amy’s Amigos is currently a South Lakes High School club, who focuses on raising money for brain cancer research and empowering young adults to live fit and have fun.  Amy’s Amigos formed in 2008 in memory of Amy Boyle, a sixth grader who lost her battle with brain cancer.  Inspired by Amy’s spirit, athleticism and love of life, Amy’s Amigos has participated in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life for the past three years and held numerous fund raising activities to raise more than $24,000 since it’s inception.  The proceeds from Reston Youth Triathlon, Be AMYazing! will go to the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.

A recent update:

Amy’s Amigos Help Fund Cancer Breakthrough

February 2011 brought good news to families who follow the development of research on diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas, the rare brain tumor that took the life of Amy Boyle in 2008 and sparked the beginning of Amy’s Amigos.  Since Amy’s death, Amy’s Amigos has raised money to help Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) fund research on pontine gliomas.  The result of grants from CBTF and others to Stanford University in 2010 has been the first real breakthrough in understanding the origin of pontine gliomas.  To see the article published by Stanford School of Medicine, go to

Also, below is the process for Bike Lane fans to make a donation to the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation.

1)  Go to
2)  Click on the “Give Online”, bluish/purple oval
3)  Fill out donation form and then in the box marked “2 Donation Information”, where it has “Program Area”, select “Event Donation” in the pull down box.  Then under comments write “Reston Youth Triathlon – The Bike Lane”

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