The Police Unity Tour 2011

Our customer Robert Burchis a Fairfax County Police Officer based out of the Reston District Station.  He will be riding from Richmond to DC in the Police Unity Tour.  The Bike Lane is proud to support Robert and the Unity Tour.  If you would like to support the riders or learn more about the ride check out the Police Unity Tour website.

The Police Unity Tour was founded in May 1997 by Officer Patrick P. Montuore
of the Florham Park, NJ Police Department, with the hope of bringing public
awareness of all law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, and
to honor their service and sacrifices. The Tour started with 18 riders on a four day
fund raising bicycle ride from New Jersey to the National Law Enforcement
Officer’s Memorial (NLEOM) in Washington, D.C. which raised $18,000. This past
May, over 1200 members made the same trip from points beginning in New Jersey,
New York, and Virginia, and the Tour was able to donate 1.325 million dollars to
the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund.


In late 2005, the Police Unity Tour pledged $5 million in support of the National Law
Enforcement Museum, expected to be open in 2013. Inspired by their commitment
and motto “We Ride For Those Who Died”, the National Law Enforcement Officer’s
Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) has selected the Police Unity Tour to be the sponsor of
the Museum’s Hall of Remembrance.









Having completed $5 million commitment to the museum in 2009, the Police Unity
Tour dedicated the 2010 ride to the restoration of the walls of the National Law
Enforcement Officer’s Memorial. The $1.1 million restoration project included
the re-engraving, coating and sealing of the nearly 19,000 names on the Memorial,
as well as the cleaning of the walls and other Memorial improvements.
Today, there are seven chapters within the Police Unity Tour, with members
participating from over forty states across the country. Chapter IV in Virginia
was created in 2010 and will make its inaugural ride beginning on May 10, 2010.
Chapter IV will travel a route beginning in Richmond, Virginia, through
Charlottesville, Warrenton and into Washington, D.C. over a three-day period
covering 230 miles. Once in DC, Chapter IV will join the other six chapters of the
Police Unity Tour and ride as one into the National Law Enforcement Officer’s
Memorial, greeted by thousands of supporters and survivors.





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