Strength Training for Junior Cyclists this Winter

To all local Junior Cyclists:

The Bike Lane has been working with Wakefield Park to put together a strength training program for our Junior Cycling Team. We are really excited to put this together and we hope that it helps the kids learn the importance of cross training and weight training, not only for cycling, but for other sports as well. The staff at Wakefield is also excited to assist us in putting this program together. The rec center will have certified trainers working with the kids using all kinds of strength training techniques and our volunteers will assist in cross training exercises that will help keep the kids motivated. The program is 12 weeks long on Monday nights starting on January 10 from 5:15- 6:30 pm. We will start the class with a warm up on the spin bikes, followed by ½ hour strength training and 20 minutes of cross training and we will finish with stretching. We are opening the class for youth ages 8- 16. The cost of the class is only $55. You don’t have to be on our Junior Team to join the classes. Although, we might recruit you!
Please register at You can email with any questions.

The Bike Lane Junior Team Wakefield Ride

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