45 bikes and 45 helmets donated to Toys for Tots

45 Bike and Helmets

Once again, The Bike Lane has some amazingly generous customers to thank for donating to our annual Toys for Tots Bike Fundraiser.  This year we collected enough donations to purchase 45 Trek bikes and 45 helmets; that is over $7000 worth of pink and blue bikes for children this Christmas!We can’t tell you how cool it is to know that these shiny new high quality bikes are going to children who would  probably never get a real bike for Christmas.  The Bike Lane believes that every child deserves to learn how to ride a bike and giving bikes and helmets to Toys for Tots is one way we know we can help make this happen.

Bikes overflow at the Reston Town Center Pavillion

Mix 107.3 Drop Off

However, we would never be able to do this if it weren’t for our many generous customers.  There are many customers who have made annual contributions over the last six years and and have helped The Bike Lane donate over 200 bikes to the Marines Corp! This year we were very excited to receive a contribution of $1500 from Evolution Cycling Team and Long and Foster Settlement Services.  We also received generous contributions from Samaha Associates, Trek Bicycle Company, and Quality Bicycle Products. For The Bike Lane there is nothing more gratifying than to know that there will be 45 very excited children waking up on Christmas morning with a bike ready to take them for a ride!

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