Bar Mitts to the rescue.

If you hate numb hands and fingers, we have the solution.

Bar Mitts - Keep your hands from the cold

Yes, they are a little weird looking but they keep you warm. Whether you are commuting, keep up with the training miles, or rolling over the rocks in the GW Forrest, these over the bar hand warmers will keep the wind and chill off. Many times winter gloves can be so bulky that you can’t grip their handle bars. With temps dipping below freezing early this year we have been taking special orders for Bar Mitts. Inventory was low but now they are back in stock at our distributor and we are looking forward to getting them in. Let us know if you want some and we’ll put them on the next order.

Check out this review from Cyclocross Magazine.

One thought on “Bar Mitts to the rescue.

  1. I just tried out the moose mitts. Kept my hands in my summer (full finger) gloves nice and warm but the things fall down all over the place! I need to adapt them slight to hold onto the bar ends like those bar mitts do.

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