Are we going to let Old Man Winter Win this year

So, winter is showing hints that it is coming. For some, this might mean hanging up the bike, renewing last years gym membership, and letting Old Man Winter win. The thought of getting on a bike when it is below 40 can might make us cringe. In 2010, our bikes have been ridden hard. Mountains have been climbed. Races have been won. Commuting by bike saved loads in gas money. As a result our bodies feel great! So, are we going to let Old Man Winter stop us dead in our tracks? Are we going to let our bikes collect dust and sit idly on a trainer? Are we going to give in to gaining the 5 or 10 pounds we worked so hard to lose? Are we going to succumb to knowing that come March our legs and lungs are going to cry out in agony on that first weekend warrior ride?

Racing in the snow

All the good we rode for this season will be in vain if we give in and give up this winter. So, lets not give up- lets keep riding. Like Dory the fish in that Nemo movie- lets make our motto “Just keep riding, just keep riding, just keep riding”. Get the gear you need to keep riding. With the technology that is in cycling clothing these days, you don’t need much to keep you warm and toasty. A pair of thick gloves, shoe covers, some wind proof tights, a wind proof/water resistant jacket, and a couple of varying thickness jerseys, and a balaclava and you will be set.

With the right gear you can ride anytime.

Fight old man winter with layers. The key is to stop the wind from cutting through and to keep the moisture from sweat away from your body. Of course, you don’t need to go far to find this type of clothing. The Bike Lane has a store stocked with great wears to keep you going. We want to make sure that you and your bike stay riding all winter long. And if you need some people to ride with- we’ll help you with that too. Just check out our calendar for weekly rides. We don’t stop over the winter and neither should you. And we even have a little coupon to help you get all those warm goodies!

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