The Success of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday

According to network news, you would think the survival of human kind depended on the success of this past weekend and today’s Cyber Monday. Every time the news came on at our house there was a reporter standing in front of a Target or Walmart waiting to measure the crowds. Today it is all about how many people are going to pony up on As a small business owner, I am excited that there is now a day for us little guys; “Small Business Saturday”. I guess the term success can mean different things to different businesses. For many businesses this weekend, success meant lots of people spending lots of money. And that is great for the economy. And I would be lying if I said that we weren’t hoping for a “successful” post Thanksgiving weekend. But for some businesses, if they did not reach their sales goals this weekend (not matter what it took), it would mean not only an unsuccessful weekend but also an unsuccessful year. After hearing this over and over on the news, I kept thinking about how The Bike Lane measures success. While we have sales goals and profit margins we try to reach, we also measure our success when we see a customer walk through our door and tell us how great they feel because they lost 20 pounds riding their new bike this year. For The Bike Lane , success comes when a customer writes us a note after we fit them to their bike telling us how thankful they are that they rode 30 miles and kept up with the “fast guys”. And success comes from us selling a kids bike to a family who is excited to start riding together. This is how The Bike Lane likes to measure success. The more customers that walk through our doors to buy bikes means that more people are riding bikes. In the end, our survival is not about one Saturday in a year. Our survival is about getting more people riding bikes. And this year, things are looking pretty successful!

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