Panjshir Tour DC Sunday October 3rd

Last fall, Mountain2Mountain founder, Shannon Galpin, became the first woman to ride her mountain bike through the Panjshir Province of Afghanistan. On October 3, 2010 communities across the U.S. and Canada will simultaneously host community bike rides and events exactly one year since Galpin’s initial groundbreaking ride. At the same time, Galpin and another female rider will embark on their own journey through the Panjshir Province.

The Panjshir Tour DC will take place at the Lorton Workhouse Museum and Laurel Hill Trails, which have been built on the location of the former Lorton Reformatory. During the Women’s Suffrage Movement, approximately 168 women most from the National Women’s Party, were detained and mistreated at the facility in 1917. the Workhouse Museum has been established to bring these imprisoned womens stories to light. Not only do Afghan women face similar inequalities that American women faced a hundred years ago, they are also still forbidden to ride bicycles. The mission of Mountain2Mountain is to create education and oppurtunity for women and girls throughout conflict regions.  By riding our bikes on the same day that Shannon  begins her ride the Panjshir Tour will link the communities that support M2M to the Panjshir communities that benefit from M2M projects.

Rides will start at 11:00 am. For more info CLICK HERE

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