Tips for night Riding

With it getting darker earlier, its getting tougher to squeeze in rides before dark. Well now you don’t have to rush to get on the trail  just get a good set of lights and you can ride through the darkness.  I just did my first night ride last week and was pleasantly surprised with how much fun it was. A trail that I’ve ridden tons in the daylight, is a completely different trail at night. I found that I had to trust my bike more, and look past technical stuff in front of me because I couldn’t see it.  In turn when I went back to hit the same trail during the day, I had no problem riding the stuff that normally intimidated me during the day.

So here is some basic tips for night riding that I found.

  • Invest in a good lighting system. A lighting system is the most important thing in night mountain biking. Lighting systems include headlights (attached to the handlebar), taillights, and may also include helmet lights. It is advisable, however, to have both a headlight and a helmet light since headlights only let you see where your handlebar is pointed, while helmet lights allow you to see where your head is turned. Taillights are necessary for riders behind you to see where you are going. Get headlights that are lightweight, bright, and can last for a long time. Helmet lights should also be lightweight, but not as bright as your headlight.   Read Here for more tips

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