Trek Launches New Fit

Madone Fit: H1, H2 and H3


Introducing the widest pro platform size range on the market today. The 2011 Madone range features three different pro-level fits: H1, H2 and H3. No matter your body shape, flexibility, or size, we’ve got the right fit to give you the most comfort, efficiency, stability, and power on the road. The fits vary primarily in hand position— H1 lowest, H3 highest. Each fit has the same single-minded purpose: make the best bike on the planet fit every rider. Perfectly.

  • H1: Developed for athletes with extraordinary range of pelvic rotation, superior core stability, and the desire to get low and aero, H1 offers the lowest hand position options available for Madone. The choice of most team Radio Shack riders.
  • H2: The right fit for most riders, H2 retains all the handling geometry and ride characteristics of the H1 platform, with a slightly higher head tube height to put less strain on a rider’s back and neck. It will also accommodate riders with slightly less pelvic rotation and core stability. The H2 higher head tube is the right way to get most riders in the right place. No goofy high-rise stems, no huge stack of spacers—the look is nothing but pro. The right fit for select Team Radio Shack riders.
  • H3 increases head tube height a bit beyond H2, with a slight geometry adjustment to increase the bike’s stability. Perfect for those who need a back-saving, neck-saving, more upright position, but still want pro-level performance and a pro look. No high-rise stems or huge stack of spacers. The chosen fit of Team Radio Shack Director Sportif Johan Bruyneel. Fast as hell, strong as hell, and the perfect choice when the desire for comfort trumps aero.

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