What do all those Jerseys Mean?

The Tour is coming and we think everyone should have some basic knowledge of the competitions within the race itself. Over three weeks in addition to the 21 stage wins and overall competition, riders also compete for the title of best climber, sprinter, and young rider.  If you win in any of these categories you get to wear a certain colored jersey for the following day of riding.

Yellow Jersey: The rider with the fastest overall time at the end of the three weeks is declared the winner of the Tour de France. During the Tour, the rider with the lowest  cumulative time after the finish of each daily stage gets to don the yellow jersey.

Green Jersey: As with the yellow jersey, the green jersey is worn throughout the race by the leaderof the points competition. Points are at stake at intermediate sprints and at every stage finish. The man with the most points at the end of the race wins.

Polka Dot Jersey: Mountain points are awarded at the summit of all climbs, difficult enough to be categorized. Points awarded on the final cimb of the stage on any major climbing day are worth double. Riders wearing the polka dot jersey during the race earnglory, the rider wearing the jersey at the end earns glory and cash.

White Jersey: Riders age 25 and younger compete in this competition, which is based on their standings within the general classification. The fastest young rider wears the white jersey throughout the tour.

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