Meet Emily Our Go By Bike For A Year Winner


Remember A few months back when we were accepting applications for the give up your bike for a year challenge? Well it’s time to introduce you to our winner Emily. Emily drives her car about 100 miles every week. Her commute to work is about 14 miles each way and most of her car trips are within 4 miles of less of her home. She is an environmentalist and wants to use her car less often. As with most people who want to commute more by bike, Emily said her biggest challenges are; the time it takes to go by bike, inclement weather, and the inability to carry lots of stuff. Other factors that make it difficult are the lack of safe bike routes to go to wherever she wants to go and lack of easy to use bike facilities at work.
      She has been going by bike for a little over a week now, and she is sharing her whole adventure with us on her blog. Check it out and see how she is doing, she has definetly inspired us!!! Let us know what you think, if you have any commuter tips or advice leave a comment on her blog.

Check out her blog here —->

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