May is National Bike Month

Horray It’s May and we are celebrating National Bike Month!! There is some cool stuff going on in our area. May 17-21st will be bike to work week, where everyone is encouraged to gets there rears in gear, and go by bike to work.
Friday May 21st is Bike to work day there will be over 30 rest stops in the area, two of which The Bike Lane will be attending. You will also recieve a free tshirt if you sign up for bike to work day in advacne. The Bike Lane will be at The Reston Town Center, and Burke Stops so swing by and see us!!

We want to know what you will do to celebrate National Bike month?
Possibly take a few less trips to the grocery store by car?
Commute to work?
Bike the kids to school?
skip the gym and bike instead?

I know for me my personal plan is to try and commute to work atleast three times a week.
We look forward to hearing all of your biking goals!!

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