Top 3 Gloves for winter riding

It’s cold out there, but nothing is going to stop us from hitting the trails this winter. With the proper winter gear you can be rockin out on your bike all winter long. Here is a list of our favorite gloves for the winter season!

1. Sugoi Firewall Z Gloves -$74.99
When it’s so cold outside your waterbottles freeze, Sugoi’s Firewall Z Gloves ensure your hands don’t do the same.

2. Louis Garneau Typhoon Gloves -$64.99 These sweet mitts boast a stellar combination of Teflon, 3M Drytex and Thinsulate for the ultimate in protection and breathability.

3. Louis Garneau Womens Tornado Gloves – $ 44.99
Their Softshell exterior and 3M Thinsulate lining keep wind and cold out while keeping you toasty warm and dry.

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