Stay Motivated This Winter

Ok we’ve almost made it through December, most of us probably didn’t get to ride our bikes or get in as many workouts as we wanted. But have no fear we are here to help motivate you and keep you pumped through the winter season!

First things first:
*If you can’t make it out on your bike because of the weather, get on your trainer turn up your ipod, and have a rock out sweat session. If music isn’t your thing you can prop up your trainer in front of your tv and catch up on your favorite shows.

*If we’ve gotten some snow, like we did last week, we suggest riding your mountain bike through the neighborhoods instead of on the trails.You’ll get a lot further and you’ll still feel like your hitting the trails. =)

* Workout with a buddy! Help each other get through this season by holding your buddy accountable. You will help keep each other in check, by not wanting to leave your pal hanging.

**Stay tuned for more winter motivation soon.**

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