Ladies Night Out Was A Huge Success

trek women food pic

Ladies Night Out

trek women pic


We had a great turn out for our Ladies Night that was held last Friday evening at the Reston shop. We had about 20 women show up and enjoy drinks and treats while learning about the importance of a proper bike fitting from our manager Adam,  we also heard from Kris from Trek who taught us basic bike maintenance. In-case you missed it here are a few key points that we went over.

  • NEVER wear underwear with bicycle shorts.
  • Always carry the proper supplies, and tools you need in case you get a flat.( spare tube, tire lever, hand pump or CO2 )
  • A good starting point for a comfortable saddle is making sure it is level.
  • Minor adjustments on your bike can make all the difference in the world.  If your having soreness when riding, take your bike into the shop and have one of our staff fit you properly on your bike. It will make your rides much more enjoyable.
  • Before every ride always put air in your tires
  • Grease your chain about every 4-6 rides

Thank you to everyone who made it! Enjoy your riding!

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