Updates On Our Maintenance, and Road Group Skills Clinics

We had a great turn out at our Maintenance and Road Skills Clinics last week. They were taught by our two awesome managers Kristopher, and Adam. If you happened to miss them  here are a few key points, and topics that we went over.

Maintenance Class :

* How to change a flat tire successfully

* Proper lubrication on your chain is about every 5-6 Rides

* Your the boss of your bike, If everything seems fine it is fine. If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

Group Skills Clinic:

* The Most important rule of group riding is good communication. Ideally the leader will explain the ride in advance pointing out any safety considerations such as rough roads, high traffic areas, easily missed turns etc.

* PAY ATTENTION: you can learn a lot about a group by watching the other riders. Try to find and avoid those who wobble and speed up and slow down. These are signs of poor handling skills and possible fatigue that can cause  a wreck.  Instead, try to ride with the people who hold a steady pace and a straight line because they are less likely to do unpredictable things that can cause mishaps.

If your bummed that you missed out on these awesome clinics. Don’t worry because more are on the way!

The next maintenance class is:

Sunday November 22 at 10:30 am @ The Bike Lane in Burke

Click Below to register!


For more tips click here:



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