Todd and Anne’s Trip to France


Todd and I recently returned from a fabulous Trek Travel Trip in Dordogne, France. We have been on four Trek Travel trips and every time we are amazed by how great the riding, food and accommodations have been. On our most recent trip we spent six days riding through a lesser known area in France, called the Dordogne Region. This area is a little west of Bordeaux and is the epitome of what one would think of when riding through the French Countryside. Old villages and towns pop up along the winding rolling hills while castles dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries overhang on the cliffs above the Dordogne river. The trip included daily supported rides and activities such as exploring prehistoric caves with rare cave drawings, taking a private tour of a renovated medieval castle, and taking a relaxing kayaking trip with champagne toast along the Dordogne River.

Every ride was rewarded with exceptional French cuisine. Our guides planned picnics with fresh and authentic foods from the region and at night we were catered to by outstanding bistros and few Michelin Star restaurants that made even the most hungry rider say “when”.

Once again we were amazed by how professional and knowledgeable our guides were of the region and how accommodating they were to each person on the trip. Everyone on the trip was of various riding ability and yet our guides were able to provide each person with the support they needed to start and finish the ride. Some wanted to ride more while others wanted to ride less and everyone was accommodated.

Todd and I have been so impressed with Trek Travel that we have reserved a trip especially for the Tour de France-The Bike Lane’s Trek Travel 2010 Tour de France Trip. So far we have about 14 customers booked on the trip and we have space for 24. We know this is going to be a trip of a lifetime; to ride some of the climbs of the race, see Lance and the Radio Shack Team, and all of the other crazy things that go on at the Tour. We are so excited about this trip with Trek Travel and we can’t wait to share this adventure with our customers. If you are interested in coming with up send an email to with 2010 Tour de France Trip in the subject heading.

Also, please email us if you have any questions about Trek Travel and any of their trips. You can find out more about their trips at

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