Three-peat for DC Kids Triathlon Camp

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Examiner Bio Three-peat for DC's Kids Triathlon Camp

September 4, 4:28 PMDC Sports Travel ExaminerLisa KildayPrevious

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2009: Lisa Kilday/Hub of the WheelOnly a cynic would scoff at Men’s Health magazine’s announcement that the Nation’s Capital is America’s “Fittest City” in 2009. Does fitness and health really rule DC? It must because every local park and trail in the summer are full of weekend warriors clad in spandex who are running, biking, or practicing their golf swing while checking their Blackberry. Many local running and cycling races sell out on the first day of registration. DC is a type-A city full of overachieving athletes, right?

Men’s Health overlooked the shameful reality of DC’s other population when they awarded DC as the “Fittest City in the US.” In a nutshell, DC is the unequivocal leader in preventable and deadly diseases in the US. Over 3% of DC residents have HIV or AIDS, which surpasses West Africa’s infection rate. AIDS is no longer a health iss

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