Trek World

Adam, Todd, and Anne went to Madison Wi last week to check out the latest products from Trek and Gary Fisher.  Trek’s HQ is in Waterloo, about 30 minutes from Madison.  Our first day, we enjoyed riding some sweet trails that Trek has built right next to HQ. 

This is where they ride their prototypes and demo new ideas.  It is pretty amazing.  Todd and I have been going to Trek World for about 5 years.  The first couple of years there were no trails- or at least they weren’t open to us.  However, over the last 3 years the trails have grown and we can tell that it is having an affect on the quality and performace of the bikes that Trek is producing.  Trek and Fisher mountain bikes have become increasingly more technological and performance oriented.  The ride quality over the last two years has improved significantly.  And well, this year they seem to have it right! 
The Gary Fisher 29er Superfly is an amazing bike- not only does it go REALLY fast but it is light and agile- especially for a 29er.  The new Top Fuel is unbelievable!  Fast, nimble, and exceptionally light!  (I have the WSD version so I am a little biased- but only because this bike flies). 

We were also privy to ride the new e- bikes.  These are bikes with electrical assist.  Yes, you still have to work but you can set the bike to match your pedaling power by 20, 50, 100 and 200%!  That’s cool!  While you can’t hear any motor or feel it running- you can tell when you start to pedal that you have little more get up and go.  This bike is going to be the perfect long distance commuter bike.  The e- bike  will also be great for the person who doesn’t want to sweat on the way to work but for the ride homes turns the power off and gets a work out in. 

We were also very impressed with the new Madone 6 series.  If you have not seen the Project One stuff – you need to check it out!   Not only can you spec your bike how you want but you can color coordinate just about everything on the bike!  Endless options!

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