Trek Ultimate Ride DR 2010 mountain bike product launch


Great article from Dirt Rag- those guys have it good! 
Keep an eye out for TBL’s visit to Trek World next week.  While we won’t be going to Austria, we will be heading to Madison, WI to check out all of the cool new 2010 bikes we keep hearing about.

Trek Ultimate Ride (2010 mountain bike product launch)

Posted: August 2nd, 2009 by Lockwood

Product photos by Sterling Lorence and action photos by Geoff Waugh


Top Fuel

It’s no secret that this bike has been very successful for Trek, and mountain bike product manager John Riley came right out and said internal discussions centered around the phrase, “How are we going to top that?” The updates for 2010 aren’t huge, but I wouldn’t say they’re incremental, either. The Top Fuel now sports a no-cut seat mast that reduces some weight, and a new carbon molding process has allowed Trek to beef-up some stress points on the frame and allows for drop-in bearings. And speaking of beef, a new EVO magnesium link is said to almost doubles axle to axle stiffness. The Active Braking Pivot is also extended through the whole product line.

Fuel EX

The Fuel EX comes in two flavors: carbon and aluminum. Trek is dubbing the EX Carbon as “The Ultimate Trail Bike.” Trek has worked with Fox to develop the exclusive Dual Rate Control Valve rear shock (DRCV), which is said to allow the bike to take the big hits while still maintaining pedaling efficiency thanks to a “position sensitive valve that opens the passageway to the secondary air chamber at 50% of shock travel.” The 2010 version of this bike is lighter than its 2009 brethren, yet sports a 4% increase in stiffness. keep on reading here via Dirt Rag Magazine Blog » Blog Archive » Trek Ultimate Ride (2010 mountain bike product launch).

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