Cyclefest Rides

Cyclefest Supported Rides:  

All rides will have a ride leader and sweeper.  The road rides will be a 16-18 mph pace for the longer rides and less for the shorter rides.  Participants will be given a cue sheet and are welcome to go at their own pace.  The mountain bike rides will be no drop rides-meaning no one will be dropped from the ride and rides will be as fast as the slowest rider. Ride leaders may decide to split groups up if  riders have different skill levels.   Participants must register for the event (either prereg at for $10 or register on the day of for $15) to participate in the rides.  Registration includes supported rides, cool t-shirt, schwag bag, and raffle entry.  Proceeds will go to rehabilitating the trails at Lake Fairfax.   

8:00 am
Long Road Ride (45ish miles)- hilly rides through Great Falls and Reston – 16-18 mph pace or ride at you own pace.

8:30 am
The Moderate Road Ride (30ish miles) – moderate hills through Great Falls and Reston- 16-18 mph pace
Long Mountain Bike Ride (3 Hours) CCT/Lake Fairfax/Reston Trails

9:00 am
Shorty Road Ride (20ish miles)- easier pace 12-16 mph – mostly through Reston
Women’s Mountain Bike Ride (1.5-2 hours) CCT/Lake Fairfax Loop

9:30 am
Women’s Road Ride (20ish miles) – easier pace 12-16 mph- mainly through Reston
Mountain Bike Fun/Casual Ride  (1.5 hours) CCT/Lake Fairfax Loop

10:00 am
Beginner Road Ride (12ish miles)  easy pace 10-12 mph around Reston
Beginner Mountain Bike Ride (1 hour) CCT- Park Loop

10:30 am
Family Mountain Bike Ride (4 miles/ 1 hour) CCT- Park Loop

4 thoughts on “Cyclefest Rides

  1. Yes, but it will modified. We are working on getting some skills area up so while we may not be riding single track we will have fun learning new skills. The road rides will definitely go off (unless it is raining). For now the weather looks fabulous- let’s cross our fingers and do the anti rain dance!!

  2. Is there a way to do a road ride AND a mountain bike ride on Sat.? Or does the schedule not permit?


  3. You may do whatever you like! If you get back in time to do a mountain bike ride after a road ride you are more than welcome.

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