Don’t Miss the Cyclefest Seminars

Below are some of the fabulous seminars that we are having ar Cyclefest.  Seminars and bike demos are free to everyone .  However, if you want to join us on our supported rides, get an awesome t-shirt, and have lunch- register today for only $10!  ($15 on the day of). 

12:00 pm- 1 pm
Forget Everything you’ve heard about yoga!  Take your Biking to the Next Level!
A Power Yoga Workshop with Dancing Mind Yoga owner, Paula Baake

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, we will go over body anatomy on the bike.  Together we will explore and learn how to maximize pedaling power, release saddle pains, eliminate lower back pain, and relax the shoulders.  Learn power yoga principles that are practical and effective for everyone, especially athletes!  Imagine competing with your body feeling stronger, more flexible and more durable. Imagine competing with a mental focus like you have never had.  Imagine having complete control of your emotions, your thoughts and all distractions. Learn how to be in power to create “the zone.”  Forget old notions about your mind and body, and cross the threshold to merge Baptiste Power Yoga with your athletic training program. Wake up to the reality that your mind plays the main role in performance!

About Paula Baake: Paula is an avid Mt. Biker and Rock Climber, her favorite rides include the North Fork Mt. Trail in WV, Shenandoah Mt. Race course, Porcupine Rim, Road Apple and Gooseberry Mesa trails out West.  Rock Climbing has taken Paula to amazing places such as Yosemite National Park, Thailand, Greece, and off course Seneca Rocks and the New River Gorge

12 pm- 1pm:
Team In Training Information Seminar:

Team In Training (TNT) is the world’s first, largest and best endurance sports training program. In the 20 years it has been around, more than 380,000 participants have crossed the finish line with TNT and have helped raise more than $980 million for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A panel of speakers, comprised of a TNT Coach, Team Captain, TNT Alumni, and an honored patient will be speaking about the benefits of training with the Team.

1:00 pm- 2 pm
Bike Specific Injury Prevention: Positively Chiropractic:

Dr. Kathy, owner of Positively Chiropractic, is a certified Applied Kinesiologist (A.K.),  Chiropractic Sports Physician (C.C.S.P.), and certified in Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) She will go over how to prevent injury while riding your bike or training for an event. You will learn how to avoid injuries such as;  ITBAND Syndrome, Hamstring pulls, Knee Tracking Issues and knee pain, Biker’s Back aka lower back spasm from being in the seat too long or early in the season.  Bill Redding, current Vice President of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM), will also discuss how Accupuncture can help in prevention and treatment of cycling related injuries. 
1:00 pm- 2 pm
Training for your first triathlon.:  Whole Life Fitness
Learn what to expect and how to train for your first triathlon.  We’ll go over the basics from how to find a good first triathlon, to the gear you need, to how to prepare and train your body.  If you are thinking of doing your first triathlon don’t miss this seminar!

1pm- 2:00 pm
Cycling Essentials:  The Bike Lane

Learn everything you n:00 eed to know to get you riding through the year. You will learn how to prepare for a ride, what to bring, and how to make sure your bike is ready to roll.  You will also learn the basics of cycling gear; everything from what to wear, to what kind of lube to use, to how much pressure you need in your tires.  We will also go over how to fix a flat.

 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm
Heart Rate Training 101  Melissa Dalio- Edura Coaching
Please come join Melissa Dalio of Endura Coaching for a discussion on heart rate training.  This program is designed to target the beginner exerciser as well as the athlete.  Training at the proper intensity is the optimal way to lose weight and trim down but also to train at the proper intensity for your racing goals and get yourself on that podium!  Learn about ways to figure out those training zones by field testing and also V02 max testing.

2:00 pm- 3:00 pm
Road Bike Fitting:  The Bike Lane

Are you thinking of buying a new road bike?  Or wondering if your current road bike is the right size?  Proper road bike fit is essential to making sure your bike is comfortable and providing you with maximum performance.  An improper bike fit can lead to discomfort and even injury.  In this seminar we will go over how a road bike should fit and things to consider when making fit changes to your current bike or when buying a new one.  A little bit of a change can make a huge difference.  

2:00 pm- 3:00 pm
Core Training:  Core Strengthening and Stretching for Cyclists: Joanne Bradbury, Syn Fit

During this interactive session, Joanne Bradbury will explain how core training improves a cyclist’s overall ability to sprint faster, climb hills more efficiently and improve muscular endurance on the bike.  Joanne will demonstrate a variety of exercises, while participants perform them, using stability balls and their own body weight to strengthen the core and challenge the balance. She will also demonstrate a series of stretches that can be done in a minimal amount of time that specifically target muscles that tend to be tight on cyclists.  Be prepared to do some work and leave with an arsenal of exercises to take with you to improve your cycling.  A fitness professional for over 25 years, Joanne Bradbury is a USA Cycling Licensed Coach & personal trainer, a previous bronze medalist in the British National Cross-Country Mountain Biking Series Competition, qualifying for the World Masters Championships, and has competed and won NORBA races in the U.S. and 10 and 25 mile road time trials in the U.K. She’s cycled in 15 countries, climbed Alpe de Huez, mountain biked through Tanzania in Africa, and the Amazon Cloud forest in Peru. She is ACE & AFAA certified, holds several other gold fitness certifications, and is also an Associate Coach with Synergy Fitness Training (, sponsor of Evolution Cycling Racing Team.

3:00 pm- 4 pm
Women’s Bike Fit and Basic Maintenance: 

Trek Women Bike Demo Tour
Ever wonder what the difference is between a women’s bike and a standard bike? Want to learn more about how a bike should really fit? Join Chris Garrison from Trek’s WSD Women Demo Tour and learn all about the WSD difference. Chris will also show you how to change a flat without getting you hands dirty! Join in on this seminar and then go ride some of Trek’s latest women’s road and mountain bikes.

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Training for a Century: The Bike Lane
Have you been thinking of doing your first century this year?  Now is the time to start preparing.  In this seminar we will go over everything you need to know about preparing to do that first 100 Miler!  You will learn about local centuries, how to start training, how to get your bike and your body ready; as well as the dos and don’ts to your first century.

4:00 pm:  Fashion Show and Raffles to close the day!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the Cyclefest Seminars

  1. Can you post details about the rides? Avg speed, rider ability, hills, etc. Thanks.

  2. Just posted up. The longer rides are for the more intermediate/advanced rider – people who ride more than one day a week. The shorter ones are for beginners and people who just to take it slow. The mountain bike rides will be as slow as the slowest rider while the road rides will have cue sheets and people will be able to go at their own pace if they want.

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